Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 6th November 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 6th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 6th November 2023 episode starts with Vandu going to the terrace and crying her heart out.

She remembers everything that happened to her and starts yelling while removing her bangles and vermillion as the sun starts rising.

She goes back downstairs and wears the bracelet that Tara made for her as she dresses up a little.

Meanwhile, Atya is in guilt as in order to save Vandu’s life, she instead ends up ruining her life.

Vijay says that it is time for some damage control and that is why he is naming the house after her.

Anagha and Hemant overhear this conversation and get infuriated.

Everyone including Kunal overhears Vandu singing a very beautiful song in her melodious voice.

After she is done singing, Vijay says that he is proud of her because she is trying to get up and get her life back together.

Meanwhile, Hemant angrily says that Vijay can't do this to him as he has an equal right to the house and can even take Vijay to court for the sake of the house.

Anagha says that he is correct and also Mrunal won't let it happen.

A few hours later, Vaibhav comes with his mother when his mother asks her why didn't she apply vermillion to which Vandu says that she wants to talk to her.

His mother says that she apologizes on Vaibhav’s behalf and wants her to go back home with them.

She also says that Vaibhav will never do anything of the sort again and she will make sure of that.

Neither Vandu nor Vijay says a thing while Vaibhav’s mother and sister ask Vaibhav to apologize to Vandu.

Vaibhav joins his hand in a fake apology gesture when his mother says that since she is a woman, she should understand and go back to him as she should be the bigger person here.

Vandu looks angrily at Vaibhav who apologizes to her when she says that Vaibhav betrayed her because the vermillion that he applied on Mrunal was coloured in her blood.

Meanwhile, Tara tells Vaibhav’s mother that she loves Vandu more than her mother and father since she is the only one who holds her hand and loves her.

She also shows her the drawing that she made of her, Soniya, and Vaibav in which all three of them were standing separately while in the drawing that she made for Vandu, they both were holding hands.

Tara admits that neither of her parents holds her hand or loves her even though everyone tells her that she is very cute and adorable.

Kunal overhears this and looks at Tara with sorrowful eyes.

He has a moment of introspection but then leaves the room as he has yet to overcome his demons.

Back at the Vandana Niwas, Vandu tells Vaibhav that their relationship has ended and she has come to peace with that.

She also says that she cannot let herself back with Vaibhav as it will hamper her self-respect and she is not ready to do that.

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