Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 6th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 6th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 6th September 2023 episode starts with Guneet and Pammy going forward to Malhotra's but on their way see the Karmarkar mansion. 

Pammy mentions it to be old and seeing Atya watering the plants, mentions that people are old too.

The couple move forward but Atya by mistake dirties Pammy's outfit. 

Atya apologises but Pammy shouts leading Atya to fully drench her in water.

Guneet calms Pammy down and drags her away while Atya comments on Malhotra's troublesomeness.

Inside, Pammy and Guneet greet Vedika and Parisa who compliment the diamonds on Pammy's fingers.

Pammy tells Parisa that she'll give it all to Parisa since women love diamonds but they love it more when they're with their family. 

Parisa asks Pammy the reason why she's drenched to which Pammy replies that an old lady did so to her.

Bobby tells Pammy that it was Atya adding that she's cute but Pammy disagrees.

Pammy tells Kunal and Vedika that she's sorry for the surroundings they live in.

She adds that she's not going anywhere making Kunal shocked but none of the Malhotras notice that.

Pammy aims to celebrate rakhi while Guneet noticing Kunal's mouth open asks Pammy to take Kunal's permission.

However, she deems it needless following which Vedika agrees with Pammy's staying paying no heed to Kunal.

Later, Pammy keeping Godi on video call does Bhangra and pulls in Vedika who gets uncomfortable after seeing Godi.

She comes behind but Kunal mentions she goes after which she dances leading everyone to match up to the tunes.

At Karmarkars, there is utter silence while rakhi goes on but at Malhotra's, Kunal dances on.

From London, Godi texts Kunal that Pammy can't stay with him while in India, and Kunal nods.

At Vijay's, Vandana eyes Hemant and gets flashbacks of him begging her for help.

Meanwhile, Pammy celebrates virtual rakhi with Godi making him tightly smile.

She ties Godi's rakhi to Kunal and asks for Shagun making Godi comment that they've already given her a lot.

Pammy withdraws her hand but Kunal on Vedika's insistence gives her a gift.

Vedika ties rakhi on Bobby's wrist following which he gifts her while at Vandana's, Atya blesses Vijay.

Vijay gives her a toffee making everyone everyone smile while Mrunal asks Vijay the reason for him gifting Atya a toffee.

He tells Mrunal that any gift to Atya is less since she's done a lot for the family.

Gradually, Mrunal ties Rakhi to Hemant and asks him to get fine very soon.

In the meantime, Vedika gets on with the rakhi rituals making Kunal reminisce about his childhood days.

Vedika asks Kunal for shagun and Kunal gives it to her after which Bobby and the family click a selfie.

At Vijay's, Vandana ties rakhi on a teary-eyed Hemant's wrist who promises that he'll get the property papers from the goons.

She mentions that she'll help him out and hugs him while Vijay looks on sadly.

At night, Vandana on a call with her friend decides to send in her CV but gets scared by Vedika's sudden entrance.

She apologises to her but Vedika asks her if she and Hemant are fine.

Vandana replies positively while Vedika mentions that she understands Vandana's pain on seeing Hemant in trouble. 

Vedika comforts her but gets interrupted by Kunal who tells Vedika that the Karmarkars are bad, triggering Vandana.

She tells Kunal that may he never get helpless like her while Kunal adds that he never will and walks away with Vedika.

Kunal enters inside while outside, Vandana cries her heart out.

The next morning, Vandana prays to Bappa but gets interrupted by Kunal who screams out for her.

She steps out gradually reaching Kunal and asks him about what has happened.

Kunal looks at her, mentioning that a robbery has taken place.

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