Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 7th December 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 7th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 7th December 2023 episode starts with Mrunal telling Soniya that Kunal has proposed to Vandana.

She also tells Soniya that Tara has started calling Vandana 'Mother'.

Mrunal continues to say that Soniya should forget about Tara's custody as Vandana is stealing Soniya's love, ex-husband, and child in one go.

She tells Soniya that she hates Vandana as she has been compared to Vandu since childhood and that she used to get Vandana's discarded toys and clothes therefore, Mrunal decides to continue this practice and hence she took Vaibhav.

Soniya replies that if Mrunal wants to defeat Vandana then she has a plan that requires Mrunal's help to which Mrunal says that she is ready to do anything to put Vandana down.

Meanwhile, Pammi is ranting at Vani and the others for going to Vandu's house and says that she is given lesser importance than a lizard.

Tara comes and throws a fake lizard at Pammi which scares her when she starts chasing her around the house.

Pammi sees everyone laughing at her when she also starts laughing like a witch, saying soon everyone will cry and she will laugh.

Elsewhere, Soniya meets with Vandana in the middle of the road when she goes to her, saying that Vandana is trying to get near Kunal with Tara's help.

She tells her that Kunal still loves her and will always love her while Tara is the symbol of their love.

Soniya then says holding Vandana's hand tightly that Kunal might just use her body under the influence of alcohol but he will never love her which makes Vandana twist her hand.

Vandana replies that she just wants to be Tara's mom and not Kunal's wife and also she did not steal Tara and Kunal from her but it is Soniya who pushed both of them away.

She adds that she will marry Kunal no matter whatsoever and asks Soniya to put coconut oil on her wrist otherwise, the pain and impression won't go.

Soniya thinks to herself that she will wound Vandana so badly that the pain and scar will never leave her.

The next day, Vani and the others get worried as someone sends them Vandana's naked pictures while Bobby assures them that these pictures are fake as many new apps are there that make such pictures.

Pammi reads the comments on the pictures, asking how can they bring Vandana into the house now that they have seen these pictures

Meanwhile, Mrunal shows Vandana's pictures to Vijay who closes his eyes, saying that these are not Vandana's pictures.

Hemant and Anagha also get Vandana's picture while Mrunal says that Vandana is defaming them all.

Vijay says that Vandana did not do this and whoever did this will be punished accordingly.

Mrunal then recalls how she and Soniya made these pictures the night before.

Elsewhere, Vandana is out shopping when the people around her start taunting her and calling her a slut.

A woman comes and angrily tells Vandana that because of her, Vijay will not be able to show his face in society.

Everyone shows Vandana her naked pictures and starts bashing at her while Vandu holds her head in her hands to cut off the noises.

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