Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 7th January 2024 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 7th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 7th January 2024 episode starts with Vandana admiring Tara's trophy while Soniya says that Vandana should place the trophy somewhere nice where everyone can see it.

Vandana says that she will admire the trophy with her whole heart after which she walks away to make a nice place for the trophy while Soniya feels envious of Vandana.

The trophy gets placed on a decorated rack along with the photo that Bobby clicked of Tara, Vandana, and Kunal together which Vandana admires very much.

Kunal comes to the room and looks for some medicine for his injured hand while Vandana tries to help him which he intentionally ignores.

As Kunal searches for the medicine box, Vandana places it on his hand and asks him to let her dress the wound if it is difficult for him.

Kunal finally agrees saying that he does not have a huge ego after which Vandana sits with him to treat the hand injury with care.

Meanwhile, Hemant tells Anagha that they are in deep trouble as they have formed a new relationship with the Malhotra family and even have bought a car to match their standard.

Anagha refuses to pay the EMI of the new car as Hemant says that they are short on money while Hemant thinks about where they will get the money to pay for it.

Just then, Anagha gets an idea in her mind which makes her smile and she tells Hemant that he should ask for the money from Kunal as they are their relatives.

Anagha says that they should also benefit something from Vandana's marriage with Kunal and Hemant can ask for a job in the company which will change their lives completely.

Hemant likes the idea and says that they can do that as he is jobless and will work hard if given the chance.

At the same time, Pammi gets pissed after she spots Bobby taking Mrunal out with him as they decide to take a stroll outside to reles.

Soniya comes into the room and hears Vandana telling Kunal that he should compliment her directly as he criticized her earlier for being a bad mother.

Kunal says that Vandana has fulfilled her responsibility very nicely but Vandana says that raising Tara is not a responsibility to her, but something she enjoys with her heart.

After Vandana leaves, Soniya tells Kunal sorry and gets triggered as Kunal says that Tara is lucky to have her Vandu Maa who manages to save the day.

Soniya stares at the trophy after which it goes missing leading Tara to throw tantrums as she needs her trophy back.

Vandana says that they have been searching the whole house but have not found it anywhere while a flashback shows Soniya throwing the trophy into the kitchen dustbin.

While working in the kitchen, Vandana finds the trophy and surprises Tara with it which solves the matter making Tara happy.

However, Rano informs Pammi that one of her jewellery that belongs to Vani has gone missing after which Pammi blames Mrunal.

Vandana defends Mrunal by saying that Pammi cannot blame them just because they come from a poor family but Pammi is convinced that Vandana is also involved in the theft.

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