Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 7th November 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 7th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 7th November 2023 episode starts with Vandu calling out Sarita, telling her how she used Vandana by not letting her go back to her real house, and job, and when she found out that she can't get pregnant, she started treating her like an animal.

She continues to say that Vaibhav even kicked her out of the house while Sarita treated her like a maid.

Vandu then turns to Vijay and apologizes to him as she is about to call out Vaibhav in some time.

Vijay asks her to go ahead after which Vandu turns back to Vaibhav.

She says that he never consummated their marriage because she was infertile but now she is glad that he didn't otherwise, she would have not been able to live with herself.

Sarita says that they have been trying too hard to convince Vandu to go back with them while she is only throwing tantrums to which Vandu replies that she is done with Vaibhav forever.

Sarita angrily goes to Vijay and says that Vandu is 35 as she will be the actual sufferer since she is a woman.

Vijay replies that just for the sake of society, he won't send his daughter back to hell and asks Sarita to get out of the house.

Vaibhav tells Vandu that she and her family are way too insulting and will pay for this to which Sarita adds that it is futile trying to talk Vandu out of her stupid idea of leaving him and they should just head home.

Vandu stops Sarita and asks her to bring her jewellery back as she wants nothing that belongs to her in Vaibhav’s house.

She turns to Vinayak and thanks him for always supporting her to which he replies that the actions speak louder than words and he never put in any actions.

After they leave, Vijay goes to Vandu and tells her that she did the right thing to which Vandu replies by saying that now she is heading to the office and from there to the lawyer’s office to file a divorce.

She heads out of the house with a newfound hope for life when Sarita spots her and goes to her angrily.

She gives Vandu the Mangalsutra and asks her to go back to her house along with them but Vandu ignores her and starts moving forward.

Sarita holds her hand and pulls her back, saying that she is a woman and she should learn to compromise and quietly go back with them.

Vandu yells at Sarita by holding her hand and says that she will never make a compromise with her self-respect ever again.

She then starts walking along with a women’s protest.

Meanwhile, Kunal’s lawyer tells him that today is the last day of his divorce finalization.

Vaibhav thinks to himself that he and Vandu have a relationship of shared trauma.

Vandu is in the next room of the lawyer's office, filling the divorce when she freezes for a second as she finds her wedding day picture with Vaibhav and looks angrily at it.

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