Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 7th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 7th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 7th September 2023 episode starts with Vandana questioning Kunal as to why he called out for her. 

Kunal tells Vandana that a robbery has taken place after which Vandana asks what has been stolen.

Hearing this, Kunal accuses Vandana of stealing water making Pammy complain that they had to use mineral water instead of tap water.

Atya comes to the front telling Pammy that sharing water is a good act while Pammy accuses her of drenching her yesterday with their water.

This leads to a fight which Vandana stops after which she apologises to Kunal for using their water. 

She adds that when Kunal had used their washroom, she had asked Shubhas to direct the water pipeline to their house.

Pammy asks Vandana if she had told Shubhas to direct the water pipeline why's the water not coming?

Vandana tells her that she has no idea while Kunal asks her to pay for the water she has been using to which Vandana mentions that she had been taking care of the penthouse before he came in.

She further asks Kunal to not mistake her compulsion as stealing adding that bad times can hit anyone.

Afterwards, Atya leads Vandana and Mrunal inside while outside, Pammy tells Kunal that she did best by staying on with him.

She walks away with Bobby to prepare for Janmashtami while Kunal states that he'll set Vandana in her place soon.

At Vijay's, Atya comments that Pammy just knows how to create fights.

Vandana tells Atya that they're not here to fight adding that every day brings forth a challenge for them.

Suddenly, Anagha cries out for Vandana and after reaching her, states that Hemant has run away.

Vandana tells Anagha that it can't happen but Anagha confirms it by playing Hemant's voice message where he states his inability to help.

This takes Atya, Mrunal and Vandana by shock while from behind, Vijay utters out that Hemant is a shame.

Vandana comforts Vijay telling him that his blood pressure will rise but Vijay cries on.

Anagha mentions that Hemant is always selfish and falls alerting Vandana.

At Malhotra's, Pammy takes over Kunal's cooking stating that he pays attention to the company instead.

Meanwhile, Vandana giving Anagha water consoles her telling her that she's with her.

Anagha angrily says that Hemant should have been there, further commenting on his irresponsibility.

Mrunal tells Anagha to not comment regarding Hemant since they don't know Hemant's pain but Vijay shuts her up.

Anagha breaks out stating that she had always done everything for Hemant, but he never participated. 

She accuses Vijay of upbringing Hemant incorrectly while Atya tells Anagha to relax but Anagha is inconsolable. 

Meanwhile, Pammy hearing the commotion from Vandana Nivas peeks in.

Inside, Anagha tells Vandana that she's had enough making Vandana insist Anagha not make an impulsive decision.

Nevertheless, Anagha announces that she'll leave with Shivam but Mrunal comments that she's running away.

She tells Mrunal that she isn't running away, adding that Hemant has always been right for Mrunal, but not at present.

Outside, Pammy gets caught by Bobby who asks her about what's she doing here.

She says that she came for curry leaves and hurriedly goes inside.

Kunal looks at Bobby confusedly when he hears Mrunal and Anagha fighting. 

He gets irritated but Bobby insists on going inside since there must be a problem but Kunal disagrees.

In the meantime, Atya requests Anagha to not leave but Vandana asks Atya to not do so mentioning that Anagha has always gotten pain from Hemant.

Vandana tells Anagha that the family will support her adding that she must think of herself now.

Vijay tells Anagha to follow her calling making Anagha walk away crying but Atya goes behind her.

Vandana reaches a dining table and silences her sobs by shoving snacks inside her mouth.

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