Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 8th January 2024 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 8th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 8th January 2024 episode starts with Vandana telling Pammi that they should check all the rooms of the house to find the thief.

Pammi takes offence however, Vandana insists that they'll either check everyone's room or no one's.

Meanwhile, Anagha is adorning herself with the diamond necklace and relishing her beauty in the mirror, she talks to herself and says how smart she is that she picked up the necklace without anyone noticing.

Back at home, Kunal tells Pammi that if she is so worried about the necklace then she should have kept it safely to which Pammi blames the sisters for things going missing since they arrived.

Everyone leaves after which Mrunal swears to Vandana that she did not steal the necklace to which Vandana says that she should go and rest.

Vandana then thinks how painful Kunal's mother's topic is for him and that is why she needs to find the necklace.

Meanwhile, Kunal remembers how his mother adored the necklace that got lost and promised him to give it the necklace to his future bride.

Vedika goes to Kunal, saying that they need to find the necklace as it is the remnant of their mother.

The next day, Hemant tells Vijay that from now onwards, he will work hard and get a job from Kunal.

Vijay calls Hemant a sore loser as he is going to beg Kunal for a job, he also says that both Hemant and Anagha have stuck to Vandana's post-marriage life, and Hemant replies that he will not back out.

Further, Vijay tells Hemant, Anagha, Mrunal, and Vandana to report to him exactly at 6 pm.

Back at Kunal's home, Pammi keeps ranting that some clever fox stole the necklace while Tara feeds Kunal with her own hands.

Soniya takes the spoon and tells everyone that Kunal loves to eat from her hands to which Kunal says that Soniya should watch what she says.

Later, Bobby takes Mrunal to her new workplace and tells her that she is very strong enough to continue with her life while Mrunal says that Bobby is a very good person to believe in her.

Vaibhav sees the two together and enters with slow claps, telling Mrunal that she is very lucky that now she has a new boyfriend.

Mrunal asks Vaibhav to shut up to which he replies that Mrunal is so desperate for love and money that she gets together with a loser like Bobby.

She admits she truly loves Vaibhav but feels used by him while he responds by expressing his desire for a peaceful life and asks Mrunal and her family to leave him alone.

Bobby asks Vaibhav to watch himself as he will send him back to jail to which Vaibhav says that Mrunal will use him and then throw him.

Meanwhile, Soniya is dancing aggressively in her room thinking about Kunal and Vandana after which she falls to the ground, saying that Kunal belongs to her.

Elsewhere, Vandana goes to Kunal and tells him that he should not worry as she will find the necklace, Soniya enters the room with a bathrobe and wet hair saying that her bathroom does not have water.

Kunal looks down and walks away.

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