Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 8th October 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 8th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 8th October 2023 episode starts with Vandana wondering who will do her makeup since Mrunal is still not here. 

Just then, Parisha and Vedika come there and tell her that they will help her get ready. 

Parisa excitedly shows her makeup while Shivam also comes there to help Vandana as all three get to work. 

The two girls are in awe while Shivam rushes to bring Vijay there. 

Vijay gets speechless to see her and blesses her happiness while Vandana hugs him. 

Meanwhile, Kunal watches Mrunal leave while telling Vaibhav to leave too. 

At home, Vandana admires herself in the mirror when someone knocks on her door. 

She opens it to see Kunal who tells her that she will have to come with him as he has something to show her. 

She talks about her marriage while he tells her that it is about her life and grabs her hand, telling her to consider it as his order. 

However, Shivam comes there just then and drags Vandana away with him, making Kunal helpless. 

Back at Vaibhav's house, he shouts that he needs to get ready when his mother comes there and tells him to not be too eager. 

She tells him that he will marry Vandana and not Mrunal, revealing that she heard his conversation with Mrunal at the hospital. 

He argues that he loves Mrunal while his mother tells him that he can love her still but it has to be out of the house as she knows that Vandana will be a better daughter-in-law. 

She puts tilak on his head, telling him that he can marry Mrunal if he wants but he will be cut off from the family as a result. 

Back at home, Vandana anxiously lights the earthen lamp as Pammi comments about Mrunal not being there. 

Shivam requests Vandana to sing for them for the last time before she leaves while Kunal worriedly tells Bobby that the time is running out. 

Vaibhav is on his way to the temple while Vandana sings and dances to an emotional song, making the whole family shed tears. 

Mrunal on the other hand continues twirling around in happiness at the temple as she states that she's doing what she wants and that whatever is happening to Vandana is her fate. 

Bobby tells Kunal that Vandana is not going to listen while Kunal states that he has not lost until the game is done. 

Kunal goes to Vandana and drags her away while she requests him to let her be as today is her wedding. 

He tells her that he has to show her today because it is her wedding. 

Vandana tells him to tell her what is the problem while Kunal reasons with her telling her that she won't believe him until she sees for herself that Vaibhav is going to give her the biggest betrayal of her life. 

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