Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th December 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th December 2023 episode starts with Soniya and Mrunal disclosing each other's truth to warn the opponent when Kunal and Vandana reach there.

The duo come up with the cyber crime proof against them while Vandana notices that Mrunal is behind the nude pictures too. 

Kunal condemns Soniya for her crookedness and asks Vandana to take action against them.

However, Vandana gives them the chance to check themselves as she doesn't want to make Tara feel ashamed about Soniya.

Kunal asks Mrunal and Soniya to stay within their limits lest he will complain about them to the police.

Indranil comes up while Kunal asks Soniya and Mrunal in their language, a mix of Marathi and Mumbai language, to stay within their limits lest it will be dangerous for them.

Kunal states that Vandana is his future wife, adding that he's going to marry her for the betterment of his daughter, Tara and wouldn't like anyone to harm her.

Kunal and Vandana leave, making Indranil angrily ask Soniya to pack her bags as he has decided to live in Dubai. 

Outside, Kunal brings Vandana to a serene place and states that her problems will be sorted as the cyber partner, will remove her photos from the internet.

He asks Vandana how she fell in love with Vaibhav when Vandana describes how she used to believe Vaibhav took care of Vandana when no one cared for her. 

Vandana gave all her efforts into her love relationship and states that middle-class women are vulnerable to such things as all their life, they keep on doing and don't receive anything.

Kunal then describes his passion for Soniya and how he preferred Soniya over Kuldeep who asked him not to marry her, but he still did marry her as Soniya was there in his bad times.

He goes on to state how Soniya betrayed him and their business faced a lot because of her conspiracy and admits that Soniya wasn't a bad person.

However, when Soniya joined hands with Indranil, she became a version of him and started thinking, acting and doing her actions similarly to how Indranil would do.

In between the conversation, a shopkeeper comes in and wishes Kunal and Vandana a Merry Christmas.

Kunal purchases two fairy light bunny ears from the shopkeeper leading the shopkeeper to wish them a Merry Christmas again and walk away.

Vandana and Kunal wear the fairy light bunny ears and walk forward when Kunal asks Vandana if she is okay with the marriage.

She states that she is okay with the marriage, adding that she can do anything for Tara further, stating that she wants to be her mother from Mimmi.

Thus, Kunal and Vandana join hands for friendship as they are getting married and after a while, reach home.

Seeing them, Pammy begs forgiveness from the duo while Guneet states that there is a surprise waiting for them.

Tara agrees and turns Kunal and Vandana to the surprise's direction, making them shocked.

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