Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th January 2024 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th January 2024 episode starts with Vandana investigating Soniya's bathroom shower and discovers that it is in perfect working condition.

Vandana is surprised by the working shower and questions Soniya's odd, sinister smile upon entering her and Kunal's room.

Meanwhile, she checks the time and recalls Vijay's request for an urgent discussion with her and Mrunal.

Vandana arrives with Mrunal at the Karmakar house while Vijay observes his three children, pondering their vast differences despite their shared upbringing.

Further, Vijay announces to everyone that he has arranged Mrunal's marriage with Mahesh Bhau, the owner of a local café who has agreed to marry her despite the questionable actions she has taken.

Vandana hesitantly questions Vijay's seriousness about the decision, pointing out Mahesh's significant age difference from Mrunal.

Vijay taunts Mrunal about her interest in money, causing her to cry and confess her reluctance to marry.

However, Vijay remains firm in his decision, wanting to prevent Mrunal from negatively impacting Vandana's married life and her relationships with her in-laws.

Mrunal begs Vijay not to go through with the marriage, admitting her mistakes but urging him not to punish her by forcing an unwanted relationship.

Vandana appeals to Vijay to cancel his decision since Mrunal isn't willing to marry and is already under stress.

However, Vijay insists that Vandana should not keep Mrunal in the Malhotra mansion.

Mrunal cries as Vijay refuses her stay at either the Karmarkar house or with Vandana while Vandana assures Vijay that when Mrunal is ready, she'll find a trustworthy partner to marry.

Further, she urges Vijay to consider letting Mrunal stay with her to which Vijay shows discomfort but then agrees without saying anything.

Just then, Shivam hurriedly brings Vandana to his room, where she finally finds the missing piece of jewellery that is Vani's heirloom necklace that had disappeared from Kunal's place.

Anagha arrives and is taken aback by Vandana's furious expression while Vandana confronts her, asking directly if she's the one who stole the necklace.

Meanwhile, Anagha, feeling pressured, admits to stealing the necklace to cover her car EMIs, promising to return it once financially stable.

She pleads with Vandana to return the necklace without involving anyone else, but Vandana refuses and remains adamant.

Further, Vandana shocks everyone by presenting the necklace to Kunal while Pammy asks where she found it, and Vandana reveals it was with Anagha, prompting Pammy to shame Anagha, calling her poor and dishonest.

Vandana apologizes to Kunal, acknowledging the necklace's significance to him.

Meanwhile, Mrunal sympathizes with Vandana, feeling sorry for her being disrespected due to her maternal family members' actions.

Kunal asks everyone to brush off the topic as they get the necklace.

As he holds it, memories of his childhood with Vani flood back, leaving him feeling restless and nostalgic.

Later, Soniya interrupts Vandana's teaching style with Tara and insists on taking over.

Vandana intervenes, preventing Soniya from being domineering while Soniya shames Vandana for her family background, claiming Vandana cannot impart good values to Tara.

Just then, Kunal arrives and rebukes Soniya for judging Vandana's values due to her family's mistakes, reminding Soniya of her own past errors.

Vandana leaves to take Tara for a regular checkup, and Kunal emphasizes to Soniya the significance of being a good mother, citing his own experiences and the impact on a child's life when parenting falls short.

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