Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th September 2023 episode starts with Kunal telling Vandana that he saw Vaibhav with another woman after which Vandana hearing this, asks if he has something more to convey.

He nods his head negatively leading Vandana to walk away while Bobby applauds Kunal for telling Vandana about Vaibhav. 

Kunal terms that Vandana blindly trusts Vaibhav but Bobby asks why's he getting so concerned for her.

A call comes in leading Bobby to walk away making Kunal ask himself why's he so much into Vandana.

At Vandana Nivas, Vedika along with Parisa invite the Karmarkars for Janmashtami adding that she's sorry for Pammy and Kunal's actions. 

Vandana asks her to not be sorry the Malhotras suffered the most adding that Kunal was worried about her.

From the dining table, Vijay tells Vedika that she's lucky to have a brother like Kunal, unlike Hemant who left his sister to face his troubles.

A dash of silence comes along after which Vedika asks Vandana if they can use her tulsi plant for decorating Gopal.

At Kunal's, Pammy prays to god to settle her but from outside, Bobby screams out impossible.

This makes Pammy turn her head and after seeing Kunal, she flatters him by asking if he'll participate in Janmashtami.

Kunal agrees neutrally and walks away with Bobby while Pammy resolves to put Kunal in his place.

Vandana agrees after which both Vedika and Parisa get up and walk forward during which Mrunal sees Parisa's bracelet fallen.

Taking the bracelet, she eyes it greedily but gives it to Parisa exclaiming that can she see her other collections.

Parisa nods in agreeance but Vandana asks Mrunal to not go since everyone will be busy. 

However, Parisa states that she'll not be decorating Kanha Ji since Vedika thinks she shouldn't do any work. 

Hearing Parisa, Vandana allows Mrunal to go while Mrunal secretly resolves to build connections with the Malhotras for her benefit.

Mrunal walks away with Parisa while inside, Vandana asks Atya if she has prepared kheer for Janmashtami. 

Atya agrees after which Vandana asks Anagha if she'll adorn Shivam as Krishna.

Anagha answers positively adding that they've to go on with their duties despite Hemant running away.

Atya asks Anagha to not be sad making Anagha state that she's angry adding that after Janmashtami she's leaving with Shivam.

She walks away while Atya tries to follow her but Vandana stops her.

Atya asks Vandana if she's going to Kunal's for Janmashtami but amidst all this, Vijay thinks that he has seen Vedika before. 

At Malhotra's, preparations are on for Janmashtami during which Mrunal enters. 

Pammy remembers Bobby getting flattered by Mrunal and asks Mrunal to step in carefully since she can faint looking at the penthouse. 

Mrunal tells Parisa that she's excited to see her room too following which both Parisa and she walk away.

Pammy tells Bobby to stay away from Mrunal during which Kunal asks Vedika about Mrunal's presence amongst them.

Vedike mentions that she was there for tulsi leaves but Kunal mentions that he could get it from the market.

Hearing this, Vedika tells Kunal that the Karmarkars aren't bad people adding that she felt some connection with Vijay.

Kunal tells Vedika that no connection will ever be established between the Karmarkars and them.

Pammy comments that the Karmarkars are getting on her nerves making Guneet insist she relax.

Meanwhile, Atya asks Vandana if Bhavesh will agree to her request and Vandana mentions that she'll try.

She asks if Vaibhav agreed with Vandana withdrawing money from the joint account they had made.

Vandana lies stating that Vaibhav had agreed to make Atya happy.

However, Vandana gets flashbacks of Vaibhav's withdrawal nature during which a notification pops in making Vandana smile and Atya asks whose message is it.

Vandana mentions that it's a job while at Malhotra's, after a long while Kunal gets to know from Vedika that Hemant has run away.

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