Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si (BKAS) 21st September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si (BKAS) 21st September 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si (BKAS) 21st September 2023 episode starts with Vandana and Shivam rushing out of the gate as she notices the piece of cloth she kept on the gate and removes it. 

They rush out again while Bobby tells Kunal that he should not test Vandana this much. 

Kunal tells him that time and Kunal does not wait for anyone and states that Vandana will have to catch up to him.

After getting Shivam to the bus, she rushes to the market and goes from shop to shop to collect all the items. 

Meanwhile, at the Vandana mansion, Mrunal continues to admire her and Vaibhav's pictures thinking that since Bobby is out of the picture, she should focus on Vaibhav. 

She continues talking to him on the phone about how they look like a perfect couple and calls him to plan for going out for a coffee. 

Vandana also gets time and calls Vaibhav to inform him about her job but he refuses the call not wanting to interrupt his call with Mrunal. 

Further, Vandana rushes to the studio and reaches before time while Kunal tells her to go inside and clean and decorate the studio before 10 as the inauguration will happen. 

Before she can go inside, Kunal asks her for the bills and points out the missing money. 

Pammi calls her a theif while Vandana states that she's not a thief and reveals an idol of Lord Ganesh. 

She tells Kunal that since it's the first day of the office, she hopes Lord Ganesh brings him good things only. 

Further, Vandana enters the studio and gets mesmerized by the recording studio as her steps take her inside and she sings. 

However, Kunal interrupts her and asks her if she's deaf as she is signed as an assistant and not a singer. 

She nods while he tells her that she can enter the sacred recording studio only to clean it and that too with his permission. 

He gives her a list of things to be done today and tells her to start working. 

While Vandana is decorating the place, she tells herself that she cannot afford to get sick. 

She gets a call from Vaibhav who tells her to reach his home at 6 so that she can go with Aai and get the things for the marriage while Mangalsutra etc. 

Vandana asks if Aai returned from aashram while he tells her that Aai was home only and disconnects the call. 

Before Vandana can call him again, Kunal comes there and scolds her telling her to get to work. 

Meanwhile, at the Vandana Niwas, Vijay asks about Vandana's presence while Mrunal comes there and tells him everything that happened in his absence. 

At the office, Vandana requests Kunal for a ten-minute break to fill her stomach while Kunal recalls his mother feeding him. 

He gives her a break and she rushes home as she sees Vijay and goes to his arms happily. 

He asks her why she didn't tell him the truth and lied to him as he talks about Kunal's wrong behavior. 

Vijay cries that Vandana was right about Kunal and tells her that he will talk to Kunal's father now. 

Vandana manages to stop him telling him that this war is hers and he should support her but not enter the war. 

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