Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 14th June 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 14th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Bade Ache Lagte Hain 3 (BALH 3) 14th June 2023 episode starts with Ram coming to his room to change his clothes while Yuvraj hides behind the clothes rack to save himself.

As Ram chooses his clothes and goes to change, Yuvraj immediately gets out of the room and regrets not being able to take those documents from Ram's room.

Shalini, Ritika, and Anju come from the other way while discussing the jewellery that Shalini has bought for Priya and Anuj bumps into Yuvraj accidentally.

Anju asks Yuvraj what he is doing there and asks him to go downstairs where all the other guests are while Shalini tells Anju that Yuvraj is not any guest and will marry Alika soon.

Before Anju says anything, Ritika takes her and Shalini with her as she does not want any argument to break out.

Later, Kriti comes to the function and says hello to Shalini who welcomes her with a smile, leaving Shardul and Alika shocked as they did not expect Kriti to come there.

Shardul and Alika talk about how the whole scenario is going to be super awkward for Ram while Alika spots Yuvraj and asks him to join them.

As Shalini asks where Ram is, Kriti says that she will call Ram downstairs but Shalini stops her and asks Priya to call Ram as she has the most right over him.

Priya stands nervously outside Ram's room and bumps into him as he comes out of the door and Kriti spots Ram and Priya standing in each other's arms.

Kriti asks Ram what he is doing with Priya in such a position while Ram tries to defend himself by saying that he came to change as his clothes got ruined.

Priya says that the previous costume was better and agrees with Kriti as she says that Ram is giving mere excuses to hide the truth.

After introducing herself to Kriti, Priya leaves Ram with Kriti and laughs at Ram as he gets questioned by his girlfriend.

Later, Ram and Priya get seated at the centre with the family gathered around them as the ring ceremony is about to start but Sanjeet says that he has something to tell Ram.

Ram asks Sanjeet to call him Ram instead of Mr. Kapoor after which Sanjeet gives a watch to Ram as a gift from their side.

Sanjeet says that he wishes that Ram and Priya will always see good times and even if they have to face bad times, they can watch each other and comfort themselves.

Ram accepts the gift with a smile while Sanjeet says that he is giving away his Jaan which is Priya to Ram and hopes that his daughter would never shed tears.

However, as Shalini comes to get the rings, she spots the contract papers and calls Ram and Priya to ask them why they have signed such a thing.

The contract papers get revealed among the family members and they start blaming Priya for making such papers and signing them.

Ram's uncle says that Ram's actions have left them shame to which Shalini agrees and asks Ram and Priya why they did a contract marriage if they love each other.

As Ram struggles to explain everything, Priya says that she is the one who made the papers as she wanted to safeguard everything and lead a transparent marriage.

Priya says that everyone thinks that she is marrying Ram for his money which is why she made the contract that states that she has no right over Ram's property and neither does he have any right over hers.

Shalini says that whatever Priya did was wrong but she always wanted someone like Priya to become Ram's life partner who would stay with him not for his money or company.

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