Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 17th July 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 17th July 2023 Written Update

Today's Bade Ache Lagte Hain 3 (BALH 3) 17th July 2023 episode starts with Ram taking the call from Priya and picking the call.

He asks Shalini where she is and Shalini informs him that she has come to Goa just as she had stated that she'll give all of her responsibilities to Ram's wife.

Shalini in Goa!

Ram gets worried about her and tells her to come back on the next flight while Shalini tells him that she will get the surgery as promised but wants to enjoy a little.

Shreya tells Ram that he does not know why his Jaan is not worried about herself knowing her heart condition.

He tells her that his father had the same condition and he was able to go through his father's death because his Jaan was with him.

Ram says that he does not know what he would do if he does not have his Jaan with him while Priya tells him that he has given Shalini the name Jaan very accurately since she is his Jaan (life).

Priya tells him that she is fully sure that he will not let anything happen to his Jaan.

The next day at the office, Ram calls Yuvraj into his office and asks about his presentation.

Yuvraj states that it will take another hour making Ram angry.

Alika watches them as Yuvraj reasons out his problems while Ram tells him that he is slacking off on work a lot.

Strain in Alika-Ram's friendship

Not being able to hear anything more, Alika enters the office and asks them what is happening.

Ram complains that the presentation that was due the previous day has still not been done while Priya comes there with something for Ram.

He tells Yuvraj to leave while Alika stops him as she tells Ram that he never used to keep anything above his work and tells him that they should discuss it from now on.

Priya agrees with Alika and apologizes for coming unannounced and leaves.

Once she leaves, Alika talks about how they should not change their relationship based on their partner's or their past.

She tells him how she cannot continue to hide her fiance in the corner in fear that Priya will be uncomfortable and leaves telling Ram that she wonders if they will be able to keep their friendship or not.

Meanwhile, Priya gets a call from Reena who informs her that Shalini fainted and tells her and Ram to come immediately.

Priya goes to Ram and informs him about Shalini while they both start their towards Goa.

Ram-Priya's honeymoon?

They reach the hotel wondering why the doctor discharged Shalini when they get surprised to see her waiting for them at the reception.

They question her while she reveals to them that she lied to get them to come to Goa for their honeymoon.

Both Ram and Priya scold Shalini telling her to not use her health card while Shalini apologizes to them and says that she had to do this since both of them are such workaholics.

Shalini tells them that she wants a grandchild while the couple starts making excuses.

Getting annoyed, Shalini tells them to enjoy themselves as she tells the hotel manager Suraj to take good care of them.

Suraj tells them to sit in the lobby while the honeymoon suite gets ready.

The couple sits and gets worried about having to share a room together for the honeymoon while Ram says that he needs food since he's stressed.

He calls the servant and asks for food while he says that only the salad will be made in such little time.

Priya sends the servant away and gives him the Vada Pad that she had gotten for him.

Ram gets surprised and thanks her stating that nobody has ever gotten food for him.

He recalls that there was a note in the box and fights with Priya while managing to get the chit from her purse.

He reads it and teases Priya calling her a poet while stating that he would have died if he had not read it.

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