Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 19th June 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 19th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Bade Ache Lagte Hain 3 (BALH 3) 19th June 2023 episode starts with Priya staring at Yuvraj with disgusted eyes as she never expected him to do something so mean.

Yuvraj says that Priya is truly obsessed with him and even came to his engagement to witness how he is moving on with his new life partner.

Priya smiles at Yuvraj and tells him that she has no interest in a man who has an inferiority complex from the girl he has dumped before.

Yuvraj stares at Priya with anger-filled eyes while Priya says that she is very happy in her life without him and will ignore his cheap tricks again to break her marriage.

A flashback shows Ritika asking Priya to attend the engagement function as Yuvraj wants Priya to not go there.

Ritika says that Priya should flaunt her relationship with Ram in front of Yuvraj so that he understands that she does not need any sympathy from his side.

Priya tells Yuvraj that she came to the function because of her parents as they are very happy that their daughter is getting married to a successful man Ram Kapoor.

Yuvraj fumes in anger as Priya walks away after taunting him while Kriti regrets her decision about suggesting Ram, to marry Priya.

Shreya asks Kriti to call the app people and inquire about the matter but they do not pick up Kriti's calls.

Kriti gets frustrated as she hears that the singles app has gone bankrupt and asks Shreya what she should do about Ram marrying Priya.

Shreya tells Kriti that she destroyed her life on her own and they hear Shalini and Shardul talking to each other outside.

Shalini tells Shardul that she is extremely happy to see Ram and Priya together and shows him their dance video to which Shardul smiles at Shalini.

As Shalini says that she wants Ram and Priya to get married as earliest as possible, Kriti starts panicking and decides to talk to Ram about the matter but Shreya stops her.

Shreya tells Kriti that Ram will not do anything which would hurt Shalini as she is sick so they have to find a way by which Priya's family breaks the marriage themselves.

Kriti asks Shreya what she plans to do, to which Shreya replies that everyone has some weaknesses which she would try to manipulate to her advantage.

The next day, the entire Sood family gets busy decorating the house and preparing for the mehendi function while Priya gets shocked on knowing that the function will take place in their house.

However, the power goes off, at the last moment making everyone panic but Priya says that she would go instantly and calls the electrician.

Meanwhile, the Kapoors drive toward Priya's house and Shalini talks about how these small chawls and roads have the real essence of life in them.

Kriti spots Priya in the market and Shalini greets Priya after stopping the car while Ram also comes there.

Priya asks the Kapoors to go to her house while she completes some work and returns there after a few minutes.

Ram says that he would help Priya in her work and sends away Shardul and Shalini along with the others while they taunt Ram for taking his fiancé's side.

The Kapoor family reach the Sood residence and everyone settles down in the congested area while Shalini beams with happiness and helps Ritika in making juices.

Priya sends the electrician and buys fruits while Ram continues to munch on bananas standing far from her.

As Priya asks Ram if he knew that the mehendi is going to be held in her house, Ram replies that it was Shalini's plan to do that.

Priya gets angry at Ram and blames him for not informing her with a call or message.

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