Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 21st June 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 21st June 2023 Written Update

Today's Bade Ache Lagte Hain 3 (BALH 3) 21st June 2023 episode starts with Shalini appreciating Yuvraj's kurta while Priya keeps staring at them.

Anju walks to Priya asking her about Yuvraj's presence at her mehendi and Priya comforts her that she warned Yuvraj to not trick anything to ruin her function.

Further, Priya tries saving herself by asking Anju to put little mehendi since she has work in her clinic tomorrow.

However, Anju mocks Priya telling her that celebrities die to get Rohini Kapoor for their mehendi and tells her to get mehendi all over her hands and feet and leaves.

Just then, Ram comes out wearing Green Kurta asking Priya if it is her favourite colour but Priya tells him that Sanjeev made him wear the Kurta intentionally.

Shalini calls out to Priya for putting the mehendi and asks Ritika to get it for initiating the function.

However, Priya gets her hand burned and Ram and everyone gets tense while Ritika gets the ointment to heal Priya's wound.

Ram insists Priya to see a doctor and Shalini tells Sanjeev that his son-in-law is more concerned for his daughter than him making Priya and Ram awkward.

Ram's goodwill gesture

Shreya tells Shalini that they cannot perform the ritual as the ritual makes the bride put the mehendi on both hands and tells everyone to return home leaving Shalini stressed.

Just then, Ram stops everyone saying that the mehendi will be done today asking Rohini to apply the mehendi on Priya and his hand referring to it as two hands.

Shalini gets joyful seeing Ram standing by Priya's side and compliments the couple saying that the two hearts are bonding together while Priya and Ram get lost looking into each other's eyes.

Further, Ram asks Rohini to draw his true love on the corner of his hand for pizza while Shalini makes fun of him.

Further, Anju gets dholak for Shalini as everyone enjoys themselves singing and dancing while Yuvraj fumes in jealousy.

Shreya & Kriti's plan

Elsewhere, Kriti scolds Shreya for her plan and Kriti calms her down saying that everyone cannot handle alcohol by throwing a party for Ram.

However, Yuvraj standing at the door eavesdrop on their conversation murmuring that these girls are making his work so much easier and that he will end RaYa forever today.

Afterwards, Sanjeev tells Priya to stop working as she is getting married tomorrow and asks her to make their last coffee together before her wedding.

Sanjeev tells Priya that it is very difficult to send a piece of her heart away from her and his eyes tear up thinking about Priya's leaving after marriage.

He tells Priya that everything will change post her wedding to Ram Kapoor except for her simplicity.

Sanjeev tells Priya that a wedding is a promise of a lifetime and the groom and bride have to make it work all through their life, asking Priya if she wants to take more time to know Mr Kapoor.

Priya comforts her father saying that she trusted Yuvraj for six years but he left her alone and she might not know Mr Kapoor for a long time but she believes that Mr Kapoor will never hurt her.

Meanwhile, everyone in the office gets excited planning a party for Ram to enjoy himself and Yuvraj musters to himself that he will make sure that Ram and Priya see stars twinkling in daylight.

Elsewhere, everyone pleads to Ram for the party before getting married but he refuses saying that he is tired and exhausted because of his wedding functions.

Shardul and Kriti requests Ram to come along and Ram murmurs to himself that he cannot let them know the truth and agrees to party.

In the meantime, Ritika tells Priya that Ram and his cousins are enjoying the party and Priya tells Ritika that she doubts Ram being such a successful businessman.

Ritika calls Priya grumpy telling her that Ram will be surrounded by young girls all night and Priya tells her that she feels bad for Ram and goes to sleep.

Kriti asks Shreya if is she sure about her plan and Shreya asks Kriti to trust her and follow her instructions while she spikes the drinks.

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