Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 25th May 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 25th May 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Today's Bade Ache Lagte Hain 3 (BALH 3) 25th May 2023 episode starts with the interviews playing on the television where the employees talk about their boss Ram Kapoor and thank him for believing in them.

Ram Kapoor's success sores high

Ram Kapoor appears in front of the television while the entire company staff congratulate him for making so big with his hard work and determination.

After thanking everyone for their precious work toward his company, Ram opens the champagne bottle to inaugurate the celebration as the boss.

The news talks about the international investment of 600 crores that Ram's company is about to get which will make Ram's "India Eats" the number one food delivery app in India with a valuation of 1000 crores.

Everyone cheers for Ram upon hearing the news while one employee informs Ram that the clients are online and need to talk to him instantly.

Ram announces that the party is on and everyone should call their loved ones to celebrate together on New Year's Eve here.

Surrounded by his friends and employees, Ram laughs with them and talks about his massive success of which everyone seems to chip in to become a part.

An employee asks Shardul if he will not wish Ram on this happy occasion as he is Ram's best friend.

Shardul replies that he will congratulate Ram later when no one is around as he knows and saw Ram from the very beginning since they came to Mumbai together with nothing.

The struggle with loneliness

Watching Ram mingling with everyone happily, Shardul tells the employee that Ram's first wish after coming to Mumbai was to build his family and have friends.

In this exquisite journey of success and ambition, Ram has felt loneliness as his companion most of the time which he wants to erase completely.

Shardul says that true friends appear only when one's life is not going at its best and that is when he will stay with Ram and fulfill his duties as a friend.

Keerti comes into the office and meets the employees out of whom one lady asks her if she and Ram are still secretly dating.

Keerti replies with a shy yes and comes into Ram's office to congratulate him for his dashing success and fulfilling business venture.

Ram pours champagne for both of them while Keerti tells him that people are already making their ship names "RaKri" on social media.

Hugging Keerti with one hand and watching the rain outside, Ram says that he got out of his loneliness because of her and his staff for which he will always be grateful.

However, Ram tells himself that even though he says that he is not lonely, that is not the truth as his heart is missing something despite having a lovely girlfriend, good friends, and a successful career.

Priya: the happy dreaming girl 

Priya gets introduced as a dentist as she treats a patient's tooth while talking about how love can be so fulfilling and bubbly to enlighten one's life.

The lady says that toothache is the second most dreadful pain after pregnancy but Priya disagrees with her and says that heartache is severe in the majority of cases.

Priya talks about her boyfriend, Yuvraj, and shows that lady the dress that she has picked for her wedding.

The lady asks Priya to let Yuvraj propose to her first, to which Priya says that she is from a middle-class family and does not need such luxuries to fall in love.

Priya says that Yuvraj is ambitious while she is not, Yuvraj wants to reach the stars while she enjoys lying down under the stars which is why she is contented with whatever normal life she has.

Yuvraj picks up Priya's call and Priya asks if he is still busy with his boss Mr. Kapoor or has he forgotten about their dinner appointment.

Yuvraj tells Priya that he did not forget anything about the dinner and would reach on time as everyone is busy partying at the office.

As Priya talks about marriage, Yuvraj tells her that he needs an opportunity like Ram Kapoor to prove himself and achieve something extraordinary.

Priya wishes Yuvraj's dreams come true and asks him to be on time as she has baked something very tasty for him on the occasion of New Year's Eve.

Ram's friend Alekha proposes Yuvraj

Meanwhile, Alekha tells Ram that she likes Yuvraj and will propose to him before New Year which surprises Ram.

Alekha says that she invested professionally in Ram because she felt that spark in him but now, she wants to invest personally in Yuvraj as he is cute.

Ram asks Alekha if she is sure that there is no one in Yuvraj's life to which Alekha says that Yuvraj has never talked about having any girlfriend.

As Yuvraj is about to leave, Alekha asks him for a dance and proposes to him by saying that she loves him.

Yuvraj gets shocked to hear such a confession and says that he has no one in his life despite having Priya as his girlfriend.

At the same time, Priya reaches home while protecting her cake in the middle of the rain and gets welcomed by her family.

Ritika gets ready beautifully and leaves for a party after giving Priya a hug while their mother Indu taunts Priya for not looking beautiful as her sister.

Priya's father asks her not to mind her mother's words while Indu talks about the past when she was crowned Miss Jabalpur.

After Alekha tells Ram that Yuvraj did not react much upon hearing her confession, Ram decides to talk to him and get cleared that he does not have a girlfriend from before.

Yuvraj seems to be confused when Ram comes to him and asks him if there is anyone in his life to which Yuvraj replies with a no.

Ram tells Yuvraj that Alekha is a wonderful girl who helped him when he was in need and wants to build a future along with Yuvraj.

After Yuvraj leaves to dance with Alekha, Ram notices Yuvraj's phone ringing and picks it up while Priya is on the other side.

Everyone does the countdown of the new year and screams in joy as the clock strikes 12 while Ram warmly greets a "Happy New Year" to Priya as their first conversation.

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