Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 26th June 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 26th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Bade Ache Lagte Hain 3 (BALH 3) 26th June 2023 episode starts with Sanjeet telling Priya that he is not ready to marry off Priya with Ram after whatever happened the previous night.

Priya tries to defend Ram but Sanjeet says that even if Priya has trust in Ram, it is his duty as her father to take action after he saw Ram in such a situation.

Sanjeet says that he should visit Ram's house by himself to meet Shalini and apologize to her for cancelling the marriage from their side in the end moment.

Even though Ram's character is questionable, Shalini is a sweet woman and deserves that much respect from Sanjeet to inform the matter himself.

As Sanjeet is about to leave, he stops in his tracks after spotting Ram standing at the entrance with an awkward face.

Ram says that he has come to justify himself as he is aware that Sanjeet has been hurt after whatever he witnessed the previous night.

Sanjeet sits down silently while Ram says that Sanjeet's reaction filled with anger and resentment is common in that situation as he is a father.

However, Ram says that he is not addicted to alcohol or anything and does not even drink generally but the atmosphere became such yesterday that he got drunk between his cousins and friends.

Ram tells Sanjeet that he cannot handle drinks at all so he lost control over his senses and ended up in a situation where Sanjeet saw him.

Talking about Shalini's ardent hopes about making Priya her daughter-in-law, Ram says that she will be heartbroken if the marriage gets cancelled which is why he is requesting Sanjeet to rethink his decision.

Ram says that he is addicted to food only and is a big foodie who dreams of pizzas and the most delicious toppings over them while Priya and others struggle to control their laughter.

Giving back the watch Sanjeet gifted Ram at the engagement, Ram says that he should receive that only when Sanjeet thinks he deserves it.

Ram says that he will bring his baraat if Sanjeet calls him and approves of the marriage when Sanjeet stands up and says that he respects Ram's emotions and actions.

Still, Sanjeet says that he cannot give Priya's hand to Ram as he is not satisfied after watching Ram in such a position with another girl.

Ritika comes and asks everyone to watch the news where the reporter reveals Shardul as Kriti's boyfriend as they went on a long drive together.

Priya uses this opportunity in her favour and says that Ram must have danced with Kriti as she is his best friend's girlfriend to which Ram nods his head blankly.

Sanjeet asks Ram why he did not say these things earlier to which Ram replies that Kriti and Shardul do not wish to become public about their relationship.

Hearing that, Sanjeet apologizes to Ram for suspecting him and compliments his loyalty toward his friends with a happy face.

Sanjeet announces that that marriage will take place that day only and calls Shalini to inform her about the same.

Priya hands over the whole plate of sweets to Ram while Shalini makes Kriti eat ladoos after hearing the marriage news.

Later, the haldi ceremony starts and everyone surrounds Ram as he tries to leave for a meeting ultimately making him give up and sit for the ritual.

Both Ram and Priya have their haldi ritual done at their homes at the same time with their families enjoying and cherishing the function.

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