Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 27th July 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 27th July 2023 Written Update

Today's Bade Ache Lagte Hain 3 (BALH 3) 27th July 2023 episode starts with Ram showing the sassy walk that Priya has to imitate and asking Priya to throw some insulting comments at Shalini's friends when she goes there.

Priya insults Shalini's friends

Priya smiles nervously and wonders if she would be able to pull off something like that after which they watch Shalini welcoming her friends named, Niki and Pinky.

As they ask to meet Ram's wife and Shalini calls Priya to come out, Priya walks confidently to the sofa and maintains the arrogant spoiled wife character that Ram asked her for.

Niki tells Priya that she looks very nice in that dress to which Priya replies that she is very good as she does not have a woman like her as her mother-in-law.

The friends get offended on hearing such a comment but Shalini tries to brush off the matter by laughing a bit after which Pinky tells Shalini that she has brought biryani for her.

Priya scrunched her nose and says that her biryani is famous for making people's stomach upset and she must be locally popular for that reason.

Pinky asks Shalini what Priya is even spouting while Priya smells something and asks what the bad smell is coming from.

Niki says that it is her luxury perfume from Paris which smells of roses and lilies but Priya says that the perfume is stinking the whole room.

Both Pinky and Niki get up and ask Shalini why she is not saying anything to Priya while she is insulting them and says that they will leave immediately if Priya does not apologize to them.

Priya replies that she can arrange a driver and car for them if they need which makes them extremely angry and they storm out of the house.

Shalini praises Priya for her action

Ram, who was enjoying the drama from upstairs, comes to Shalini and asks why her friends left so suddenly while Shalini asks Ram to ask the same of Priya.

However, Shalini's expression changes immediately to a happy one and she praises Priya for driving them out of the house like that as they always gossip badly about everyone.

Shalini says that she could tell anything to her friends out of courtesy but she is proud of Priya who succeeded in her mission while Ram and Priya stare at each other with confused faces.

Meanwhile, Sheetal requests Avinash, Shreya, and Mitali that she wants to leave her job as Priya has discovered the powder and she would not tell anyone the truth after leaving.

Shreya and Shivani oppose the idea but Avinash says that Sheetal can leave after which he tells Shreya and Mitali that he will make Sheetal shut up forever.

Avinash and Dev come to Shalini's room and ask her to sign her property papers so they can take care of everything and reduce Ram's burden but Shalini decides to sign them after making Priya read them once.

Shreya and Kriti's new plan against Priya

Later, as Sheetal is about to leave with her things, Avinash pushes her off the stairs and the doctor announces that Sheetal has gone into a coma.

Priya gets to know from the doctor that the powder is prescribed for low blood pressure patients which is dangerous for Shalini leaving Priya worried.

Shreya gets horrified to see Priya with the doctor and searches Priya's room to find something against her when Kriti comes there and tells Shreya that all her plans are failures.

Shreya tells Kriti that she would not have become a supermodel if it was not for Ram and Kriti is still latching onto Ram because of his money as she is nothing without him.

Kriti replies that Shreya and her family are also enjoying their life because of Ram's money which starts an argument between them.

Shreya tells Kriti that their common enemy is Priya after which they find a photo of Priya and Yuvraj and Shreya says that she will leak it to the media to cause a scandal.

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