Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 28th June 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 28th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Bade Ache Lagte Hain 3 (BALH 3) 28th June 2023 episode starts with Ram getting forced by his cousins and his friends to get changed fast.

Ram comes in front of them after changing his sherwani which surprises everyone with how handsome Ram is looking in that groom's attire.

All Ram's cousins, Shardul, and Alika say how Ram is looking the most dashing groom existing and compliment him endlessly.

Kriti comes to Ram and tells him that she needs to talk to him regarding something to which Ram asks her what the matter is.

However, Shardul comes in between Ram and Kriti's conversation and tells Ram that Shalini has given a definite time when Ram's pagri should be tied and they have to do it right now.

Shardul asks Kriti to wait a bit before she talks to Ram and asks everyone to come for the pagri binding.

Everyone surrounds Ram and lovingly ties up the pagri on Ram's head while Kriti stands at a distance and nervously jitters her hands.

Kriti again tries to talk to Ram before he leaves but Shardul says that Ram needs to go downstairs as Shalini is waiting and sends Ram away from the room.

Ram comes downstairs along with his friends and cousins while Kriti tries to imply that she needs to talk to Ram for some time.

Ram does not even hear Kriti as his eyes rest on Shalini and spot her shedding tears of happiness endearing his heart with warmth.

After everyone compliments Ram for his look, Ram comes to Shalini and Shalini caresses Ram's face gently expressing her love for her son.

Ram wipes away Shalini's tears and follows her as Shalini brings him to her room and tells her late husband about Ram becoming a groom and marrying the best possible woman for him.

Shalini says that there can be no one better than Priya for Ram and she is more than happy to witness such happiness.

Ram stops Shalini as she says that she has no sorrows even if anything happens to her but Shalini says that she is relieved that Priya will be with Ram.

After Ram comes out of the room, Kriti gets hold of him and drags him with her to tell him about the situation.

Kriti talks about how Shardul deliberately made it look like she is his girlfriend whereas she loves Ram from her heart and wants to marry him.

Ram gets stunned as Kriti asks him to go and tell Shalini that he wants to marry Kriti instead of Priya so the marriage gets stopped.

Ram refuses to do such a thing at first but later agrees as Kriti says that Shalini would understand them and she would marry him in the same mandap that day only.

As Kriti says that she would talk to Shalini, Ram stops her and comes to talk to Shalini while Kriti waits outside the room.

Ram asks Shalini if she is all right and tells her that he and Priya do not love each other and he cannot marry Priya anymore.

Shalini's expression turns horrid as Ram says that he loves Kriti and wants to marry her after which Shalini starts hyperventilating.

Ram gets horrified as Shalini faints in his arms but the entire scene turns out to be his imagination with Kriti asking him to go inside.

Ram spots Shalini taking pills and coughing vigorously which makes him worried about Shalini's health very much.

Shalini says that she is all right and leaves the room to prepare for the baarat while Ram fails to tell the truth as he cannot take any risk with Shalini's health.

Ram tells Kriti that Shalini's happiness and health are his top priority and he does not care about other things which is why he cannot tell anything to Shalini.

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