Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 29th June 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 29th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Bade Ache Lagte Hain 3 (BALH 3) 29th June 2023 episode starts with Ram telling Kriti that he cannot break Shalini's heart at the end moment.

Kriti starts panicking and asks Ram to think about his own happiness as he would never stay happy with Priya in a loveless marriage.

Ram replies that he is ready to experience such a thing if that guarantees that Shalini would undergo her surgery and become fit again.

Kriti asks Ram to think about them but Ram says that if they are meant to be then Kriti should be able to wait for him for the next three months.

Saying that Ram comes downstairs and gets stopped by Kriti as she requests Ram to try to talk once more to Shalini but Ram refuses.

Meanwhile, Sanjeet and Anju get emotional after watching Priya groomed like a bride and sparkling with beauty.

Priya says that she would start crying if she sees her parents crying but Sanjeet says that he would cry buckets as it is a big day for Priya and she would leave him forever.

Without realizing it, Priya says that they do not need to cry as she will be gone for only three months after which Sanjeet and Anju raise questions.

Priya says that the Kapoors would take three months to travel from Juhu to Washi in a joking tone making her parents crack up.

Anju tells Priya that for that day only, Priya is the winner of every beauty contest and she is the runner-up which leaves everyone shocked.

Anju, Sanjeet, and Ritika leave the room and try to suppress their tears which Priya notices and feels bad.

Ram says that he loves Kriti and is doing all this because of his mother as he cannot break her dream.

Ram says that once Shalini becomes fit after going under the surgery, then Ram and Kriti can stay together happily ever after.

Shardul calls Ram and shows him the picture of the house on which he would ride while entering the wedding venue, making Ram's jaw drop in shock.

Shalini says that the horse in her idea as Ram's father also came to marry her on a horse like a prince charming so she wishes her son to do the same.

However, Ram announces that he would no such thing to which Shalini gives in after a bit of convincing as she can manage the happiness of the marriage for now.

All the family members take a wedding picture together after which they start complaining about going to Washi for the marriage instead of some five-star hotel.

Shalini says that they should not forget that they also used to live there before shifting to Juhu and leaves after saying that those uninterested can stay at home.

Ram thanks Alika for not calling Yuvraj at the baarat but Alika says that Yuvraj would be attending the wedding which Shreya and Kriti overhear.

On his way, Ram gets Priya's message thanking him for keeping Yuvraj away from the wedding, leaving Ram in stress and he asks Yuvraj to complete the file even if he misses the wedding on the phone.

Yuvraj understands that it must be Priya who asked Ram to command such a thing and thinks about how he can teach a lesson to her.

At the same time, Shreya gets to know about Priya and Yuvraj's past and plans how she would make Shalini break the marriage by herself.

On the other hand, Priya and her family reach the wedding venue and get shocked to hear that another wedding is going on inside and they need to wait for 1 hour.

Anju and Sanjeet burst into anger but Priya calms down the situation as they cannot do anything else.

Seeing a message from the clinic about an urgent case, Anju deletes it and passes the phone to Priya as Ram has called her.

Ram tells Priya that he has already reached the wedding venue leaving Priya nervous and anxious.

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