Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 30th May 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 30th May 2023 Written Update

Today's Bade Ache Lagte Hain 3 (BALH 3) 30th May 2023 episode starts with Priya and Neha joined by Yuvraj as they drive together to have dinner.

Priya consoles Neha and says that Akhil did very wrong to her by ditching her for some rich girl after being in love for so many years.

Priya has a disagreement with Yuvraj

Yuvraj says that everyone has their own plans for the future and it is not their place to judge others based on their decisions.

Priya gets offended on hearing that and tells Yuvraj not to side with his friend because in this case, he is in the wrong and committed a selfish act with someone who loved him.

Priya says that almost every boy these days has become money-minded which they can throw anyone under the bus at any moment.

This makes Yuvraj guilty a bit as he had been thinking about Alika and her proposal.

Meanwhile, Ram calls Yuvraj and asks him to bring a file to his house urgently to which Yuvraj agrees at once and tells Priya that he has to stop by Ram's house so they can go to the restaurant earlier.

Priya says that they would wait for Yuvraj outside in the car which is not a big deal as she knows that Yuvraj will get stuck there otherwise.

Ram gets marriage proposals 

Shardul asks Ram to leave work for the day and focus on his swayamvar that Shalini has organized for his sake.

Shalini comes and asks Ram to look at her friends and their daughters while Ram nervously laughs and tries to avoid the discussion.

One of Shalini's friends comes to Ram and introduces her daughter Mahira which makes Shalini happy and she asks Ram to meet with Mahira if he wants.

Ram asks Alika for help and runs away from there while Alika tries to keep Shalini distracted with her conversation.

Kriti comes to the party and gets shocked to see Shalini as she is the same lady with whom she fought earlier.

Kriti apologizes to Ram's JAAN aka Mother

Shalini does not talk to Kriti properly while Kriti tries to say sorry to Shalini for her behaviour as she was unaware that she is Ram's mother.

Yuvraj comes and gives the file to Ram while Ram asks him about Pillu and makes it clear that he should not date Alika just because of her money.

However, Yuvraj tells Ram that he and Pillu have broken up months ago but she still clings to him and has not accepted their walking apart.

Priya calls Yuvraj after watching Akhil enter the house with roses which makes Neha run away from there.

Yuvraj shows the call to Ram and tells him that she always irritates him by calling him like that.

As Yuvraj picks up the call, Priya says that she is coming inside after which Yuvraj comes and stops Priya at the entrance.

Ram watches Yuvraj talking with a girl but does not see Priya's face while Yuvraj announces that he and Priya are over forever and he does not want to see her face again.

Priya gets shocked to hear such words and asks Yuvraj if anything is wrong to which Yuvraj says that she should understand that he does not love her anymore and wants to be free from her.

Ram sees Priya cry

Yuvraj walks away while Ram feels his heart hurting while he watches Priya stand there and sob by herself.

Shalini comes and asks Ram to meet some more girls but Ram refuses as he already has someone in his life but does not want to marry them immediately.

Shalini says that Ram is lonely even after having so many people as they are with him because of his money and status and will leave him once he has nothing.

Ram feels guilty about hurting his mother as Shalini says that she just wants someone to stay with Ram as he is.

Shalini leaves the house in the middle of the rain while Priya goes to the washroom after the guard asks her to dry herself a bit before leaving.

Ram comes outside the washroom searching for Shalini and mistakes Priya for his mother.

Priya controls her tears when Ram calls her Jaan and says that he loves her very much and is ready to do anything for her sake.

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