Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 3rd August 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 3rd August 2023 Written Update

Today's Bade Ache Lagte Hain 3 (BALH 3) 3rd August 2023 episode starts with Ram turning away from Priya while he tells her that he thought she was a nice girl but she turned out to be cunning too.

Priya gets annoyed at his hypocrisy and takes a sip of the spiked drink.

On the other hand, Kriti gets worried about Priya and Ram forming a relationship while being influenced due to the pill and thinks to go to Kapoor's mansion.

She thinks that Ram will return home after talking to Priya and she will spend the night with him.

Back at the office, Ram turns to look at Priya and gets annoyed since she has still not answered him.

However, seeing her twisting her face, he rushes to her realizing that she has drunk the alcoholic drink.

He asks her if she is okay while she scolds him for not trusting her and accusing her of so many things.

She tells him that he just saw a picture of her while she sees a live telecast of him with Kriti every day.

Ram gets silent while she asks him why is he so bothered and he says he cannot accept the fact that she is lying to him and tells her that even though they don't have love in their marriage, they have honesty.

He starts walking towards her and traps her between his arms and the wall as she asks him why she feels worried for him.

He cups her face telling her that he has also started caring for her while Priya tries to leave.

However, Ram keeps her in place telling her that he is wishing that the three months that they are together never end.

He asks her if she is still in love with Yuvraj while Priya twists her face in disgust saying that he ruined the mood by taking his name.

She talks about how Yuvraj is only after money which is why she helped him and Ram holds her close telling her that she also cares for him.

Ram hugs her from behind holding her close as he whispers into her hair that he trusts her and wants her to tell him the truth so that he can tell everyone that his Priya is never wrong.

Priya asks him if there is something between them while Ram agrees and gets close to her as he kisses her.

The next morning, Kriti wakes up in the car and gets annoyed saying that she should have been in Ram's room but she fell asleep.

She goes to Shreya's room and wakes her up requesting her to help her get into Ram's room while telling her last night's event.

However, she omits the part about spiking Ram's drink not wanting to get scolded while Shreya informs her that both Ram and Priya have not returned.

Kriti gets worried hearing this while Shreya tells her to not worry as they would not complicate their contractual marriage.

She tells Kriti to not worry as Ram would never choose that ordinary Priya over a hot Kriti.

Kriti tells Shreya to come as she wants to meet Ram while Shreya tells her to have faith in Ram and not show her insecurities.

They both get into an argument while Sherya tells her to go and let her sleep.

Kriti requests her to take her to Ram's room as she will handle everything else after that.

As they leave the room, they bump into Shalini who asks them where they are going but Shreya makes an excuse.

Afterward, Shalini states that she has an announcement to make regarding Ram and Priya's marriage.

She also warns Shreya to keep her advice and opinions to herself regarding the scandal.

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