Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 5th June 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 5th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Bade Ache Lagte Hain 3 (BALH 3) 5th June 2023 episode starts with Shardul asking Ram what they would do if Priya's mother was telling the truth.

Ram says that he again talked to Yuvraj about the matter but Yuvraj told him that he left Priya a long time ago and it is Priya who is stalking him to try to seek his attention.

Shardul says that they cannot ignore this matter as Priya's mother herself is accusing Yuvraj and mothers never lie about their children.

Ram agrees with Shardul and says that he has planned to meet and talk to Priya soon so that he can clear out all his thoughts and doubts with her.

Meanwhile, Priya reaches home along with Anju and Ritika and starts scolding them for going to Ram Kapoor's house and causing that scene in public.

Anju says that she would not let Yuvraj escape from karma for what he did to Priya but Priya tells her that she does not wish to associate herself with Yuvraj anymore.

Back at Kapoor mansion, Shardul tells Ram that he should definitely meet Priya as this matter involves marriage and love which gets heard by Shalini.

Ram calls Priya and asks her to meet with him as he wants to know the truth about her and Yuvraj's relationship.

However, Priya denies doing so as Ram says that Priya's mother caused a big scene earlier at their house.

Shalini thinks that Ram is interested in Priya romantically and gets overwhelmed with joy as she always wanted a girl like Priya to become Ram's wife.

Understanding why Ram was trying to hide the girl's name whom he is in love with, Shalini smiles playfully by herself and comes to her room with cheerful steps.

Shalini takes a photo of Ram's father and says that their dream is finally going to be fulfilled as Ram has started his romantic love story with the girl he loves.

Telling Ram's father how beautiful Priya is inside out, Shalini says that their son's love story would be like theirs and she cannot wait to see Ram married.

The next day, Ram comes for breakfast with Sonalika and Alika and tells Alika that Priya declined his offer to meet him when Shalini comes there.

Shalini asks Ram to call Priya again as her left wisdom tooth is in pain but Ram says that he does not have Priya's personal number.

However, Shalini notices Priya calling Ram and hears him from a distance as Ram agrees to meet Priya the following night somewhere far away from their locality.

Priya tells Ram that she decided to meet him once after thinking about the matter a lot as her mother might have caused a problem for them.

Later, Priya's father watches the news of two gangsters escaping from jail and calls Priya to come back home safely as there is danger outside.

Anju also tries to chip in but Priya refuses to talk to her and tells her father that she would return after meeting a certain someone that is scheduled.

Priya comes and meets Ram who asks her to sit inside the car and talk while he continues munching on a delicious pizza.

Ram asks Priya about the detailed timeline of her and Yuvraj's relationship and tells Priya that if the breakup date and proposal date of Alika do not overlap then Priya is lying.

Meanwhile, Yuvraj talks to Akhil about his stress regarding Priya spilling the truth to Ram and his marriage getting broken off.

Priya tells Ram why he even called her there if he has already decided that she is the wrong person in that case.

As Priya asks Ram if he trusts Yuvraj completely, Ram freezes mid-sentence as he spots two men coming toward their direction with guns in their hands.

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