Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 6th June 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 6th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Bade Ache Lagte Hain 3 (BALH 3) 6th June 2023 episode starts with Priya saying that Ram is not even ready to hear her side of the story and just acting as to care about the truth.

Ram continues to munch on his pizza in a delightful manner and asks Priya not to go around in her words and jumble up everything.

Priya says that Ram has already decided what the truth is so her words do not matter anything to him anyways which makes Ram frown in a confused manner.

Ram says that Priya is not telling him the actual truth which is why he is assuming things while Priya says that she does not consider him to be the person whom she needs to tell everything about her life.

Hearing Priya, Ram says that he knows why Yuvraj left her in the past which leaves Priya offended and she says that she should not have come to meet Ram at all.

Ram asks Priya in a straightforward manner if she and Yuvraj were together for the past 8 months to which Priya answers yes but then changes it to a no.

Ram is left confused on hearing Priya's reply and asks her to give him a definite answer from which he can make out things clearly but Priya says that Ram has his verdict ready which is against her.

Keeping the pizza down, Ram says that he needs water and asks Priya if she has some with her to which Priya replies that she does not have any water.

Meanwhile, the police officers and the reporters hide on the sidewalk and watch the two gangsters approach the car where two people are sitting inside.

The reporters watch two people conversing with each other and try to take photos when Ram switches on the light inside the car revealing his and Priya's faces.

Ram says that he needs some fresh air after hearing Priya's pointless talk to which Priya replies that he is feeling stuffy because of eating so much pizza.

As Priya tries to open the car door, the police and the gangsters shoot toward each other and Ram and Priya get down in fear.

Ram drops ketchup on his shirt which Priya wipes off with tissues while the reporters click pictures of both of them inside the car.

Priya says that she needs to talk to her mother as Ram cannot be the last person she talks with before dying which leaves Ram stunned.

However, one of the gangsters asks Priya to come out of the car at once and points the gun at her head while Ram and the police officers ask him to leave Priya.

Another gangster points the gun at Ram to which Ram says that neither he nor Priya should get hurt and starts fighting with the gangster after pushing him away.

The first gangster hits Priya on her head which makes Pryia lose consciousness at once while the second gangster gets hit by the gunshot instead of Ram after he gets hit on his arm.

The picture of Ram and Priya together goes viral over the news and Ram regains consciousness after 5 hours to find Kriti by his side.

After assuring that Priya is all right, Ram hears the viral news and gets nervous about Shalini hearing the rumours and believing that Ram likes Priya.

Shalini comes to visit Ram at the hospital and gets overwhelmed to know about #raya whose pair she praises a lot wholeheartedly.

Kriti tells Ram that he cannot tell Shalini about them yet as she has to adhere to her contract with the singles app leaving Ram confused.

Shalini comes to meet Ram and tells him that he has made an excellent choice by choosing Priya as his life partner.

Meanwhile, Priya also sees the news on her phone and gets shocked to be tagged as Ram's girlfriend out of nowhere.

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