Banni Chow Home Delivery (BCHD) 10th June 2022 Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery (BCHD) 10th June 2022 Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 10th June 2022 Written Update: Banny Chow Home Delivery (BCHD) written update

Today's Banni Chow Home Delivery 10th June 2022 episode starts with Debraj thinking about how long a home delivery girl can support Yuvan without any proper identity.

While Hemant is scolding Viraj for messing with Yuvan, Yuvan arrives at the party dressed like a gentleman.

Seeing Yuvan like this, everyone is shocked, especially Manini and Viraj.

Later when Debraj announces that Yuvan will play music for all, some of the guests again mockingly laugh at Yuvan.

Manini then tries to manipulate Hemant by claiming that Yuvan will embarrass them once again.

Hemant just simply replies that they have nothing to lose so let's just watch Yuvan's performance.

Manini's angry stare once again frightens Yuvan but Banni along with Hemant motivates Yuvan to play.

During the instrument playing, whenever Yuvan gets scared, Banni's dance gives him the strength to get going.

Yuvan and Banni's energetic performance instantly brightens the dull mood of the party and seeing everyone clapping Yuvan is beyond happy. 

Debraj then praises Banni for understanding Yuvan like this.

Further, Debraj tells Manini that paper flowers are good for showing off but original flowers are better while pointing at Niyati.

While walking Yuvan tells Banni that he has planned a surprise for her in his room. They then collide with Niyati and Banni asks Yuvan to leave.

After Yuvan walks away, Banni tells Niyati that she should protect him the way Banni do.

To this, Niyati replies emotionally that she is the Rathod family's soon to be daughter in law so she just can not pick up fights with everyone.

Later while Viraj and Niyati are arguing, Manini approaches them.

She then asks Viraj to leave politely because she is super angry with him.

After Viraj leaves, Manini twists Niyati's hand and warns her that if she does not make Debraj happy then she will lose big time.

She further says that Viraj is just a loser as his grandfather has not left any property for him in his will.

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