Banni Chow Home Delivery (BCHD) 19th July 2022 Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery (BCHD) 19th July 2022 Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 19th July 2022 Written Update: Banny Chow Home Delivery (BCHD) written update

Today's Banni Chow Home Delivery 19th July 2022 episode starts with Yuvan waking up and getting surprised to see the cut on his palm.

Devraj comes to Yuvan’s aid and gets to know that Yuvan does not even remember how he got that injury on his hand.

Giving Yuvan his phone, Devraj asks him to continue trying to call Banni while he brings medicines for Yuvan’s wounds.

Meanwhile, Banni reaches her house and searches for her phone everywhere when suddenly Banni’s Mami comes in with a basket of daturas.

Mami says that she found them outside the house when Banni notices a paper in the basket and reads it.

The paper tells Banni that someone has mixed the datura seeds in today’s food making it poisonous.

At the same time, Yuvan listens to the goons talking and saying Raja’s name when he calls Banni and suspects something wrong.

As Banni calls Devraj with Vishnu’s phone, Yuvan tells her what he heard which gives Banni an idea of who is behind everything.

Banni sets out to warn her customers along with Vishnu so that they do not consume the food.

On her way, she meets Praful who gives her Yuvan’s blood reports and tells them that Yuvan is being given an extremely high dose of medicine which can even stop his heart.

Banni immediately calls Devraj and informs him that Yuvan is in grave danger due to overdosing on his medicines.

After knowing the truth, Devraj witnesses Manini making Yuvan swallow the medicine forcefully and remains stunned.

Banni feels extremely perplexed as she gets stuck between saving her customers or saving Yuvan.

Elsewhere, Devraj asks Yuvan to vomit out the pill so that he does not get affected by its effects.

Manini and Viraj come into Yuvan’s room and notice Devraj’s phone ringing with calls from Vishnu making them suspect something wrong.

Devraj comes out with Yuvan and tells them that Yuvan was not feeling well suddenly which is why he was assisting him.

While Devraj searches for his phone, Manini and Viraj confiscate it and keep it with them.

On the other hand, Banni’s customers surround her and begin to accuse her of such irresponsible service.

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