Banni Chow Home Delivery (BCHD) 23rd August 2022 Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery (BCHD) 23rd August 2022 Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd August 2022 Written Update: Banny Chow Home Delivery (BCHD) written update

Today's Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd August 2022 episode starts with Banni making Yuvan understand how he should not hide things from her in the future as she is his Banni dulhan.

Yuvan assures Banni that he is going to always tell the truth to her.  

Meanwhile, Yuvan sees bruises on Banni wrists and neck and frantically leaves to grab the first aid box and put medicine on the wound carefully.

Banni assures Yuvan that she is alright when Yuvan is accusing himself of her pain.

However, Banni blames herself as she didn’t wear Vaishnavi's clothes but says now she is going to wear her clothes.

Yuvan gets happy and suddenly gets sad thinking about people pitying Banni because her husband beats her.

Banni consoles Yuvan and decides to get Yuvan the respected position in the Rathore house which he deserves.

Meanwhile, Manini is embroidering a moon on a piece of cloth but her finger gets pricked by the needle.

Even in pain Manini continues to practise the moon symbol and succeeds in making a perfect one.

Seeing Manini not talking, Viraj and Charmie get doubtful about Manini not being able to endure her defeat.

On the next morning, delicacies made by Banni fill the dining table with variations of food.

The Rathore family except Hemant enters and gets happy seeing the food.

Alpana comments on Banni trying to get in the family good books while Banni enters after getting ready with Yuvan.

Banni declares she only does ‘Banninness’ and not Chamchagiri (buttering).

Devraj calls Banni Anapurna and when Banni sees Hemant is not present she requests Myra to call him.

When Viraj sits on the head seat opposite Devraj, Banni orders him to stand up and reminds everyone that Yuvan is the shareholder of 50% of Rathore’s property.

Banni compares Viraj to wet okra and Yuvan to soft cottage cheese.

To insult Charmie, Banni starts to make unnecessary requests saying "Babu I need a gold toilet seat".

Viraj and Charmie feel humiliated when Banni advises them to get plastic surgery.

Manini confronts Banni for speaking too much but she says she has tried Manini’s way of making the family bow down to her.

Banni takes Shankar’s pagdi and puts it on Viraj and threatens him that Yuvan can transform his position into a worker.

Meanwhile, Banni declares that Yuvan has done enough for the Rathore family but now it's their turn.

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