Barrister Babu Written Update 10th July 2020: Bondita learns Yoga

Barrister Babu Written Update 10th July 2020: Bondita learns Yoga

Barrister Babu 10th July 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Barrister Babu 10 Jul episode starts with Anirudh trying to teach Bondita some Yoga Asanas. Bondita is unable to do Yoga as she is wearing Saree.

Anirudh decides to find a solution to her problem. Meanwhile, Bondita’s mother is worried about her bed-wetting problem and wonders who must be taking care of her.

Devoleena mocks Sumati about Bondita’s habit while Sumati is sure Anirudh will take care of her daughter. Sumati further wonders why Bondita is wetting the bed for 6 months.

Anirudh comes back with Batuk’s clothes and wants her to wear them. Bondita refuses to wear the men’s clothes and says she will wear them if Anirudh wears saree.

Anirudh wears the saree and asks Bondita to wear Batuk’s clothes. Elsewhere, Trilochan asks Bihari to prepare as some well-known priests are coming for lunch.

Bondita wears Batuk’s clothes and performs Yoga Asanas. Saurabh arrives at the same time and feels weird to see Bondita in men’s clothes.

Anirudh decides to take Bondita’s advice and use a bangle seller to attract women and talk to them about public washrooms. However, Anirudh is still ignored by all women.

Trilochan welcomes the priests in their house for the Ekadashi Mahapooja. The priests ask Trilochan to call their daughter-in-law, Bondita for the rituals.

Anirudh wants Saurabh to ask Sampurna to agree for public washrooms. Meanwhile, Bihari asks Bondita to get ready properly but Bondita is unable to get rid of the pants as her zipper gets stuck.

The written update of 10 July 2020 Barrister Babu episode full story ends.

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