Barrister Babu Written Update 19th August 2020: Bondita gets confused

Barrister Babu Written Update 19th August 2020: Bondita gets confused

Barrister Babu 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Barrister Babu 19 Aug episode starts with Trilochan telling Bondita that he will make her a dutiful housewife. He hands over a utensil to Bondita and tells her that this is going to be a new start of her journey towards becoming a housewife.

Anirudh arrives there and gifts Bondita chalk and slate. He tells her that it will help her in becoming a strong woman as well as a dutiful housewife.

Bondita gets confused on what to choose between being a housewife or a scholar. Anirudh tells her the importance of education, whereas Trilochan tells her the importance of being a housewife.

Trilochan orders Bondita to become a housewife first, while Anirudh tells Bondita that a teacher will come to teach her and asks her to only concentrate on her studies.

Elsewhere, Saudamini is hurt and mutters that she will get Anirudh at any cost. The next morning, Trilochan asks Bondita to get up early for her first day in the kitchen to prepare food for everyone.  

Saurav gets a book on sex education in Anirudh’s study room and thinks to take that book for Sampoorna to make her understand how a lady gets pregnant.

Anirudh sees Saurav with that book and tells him that everyone should read books on sex education to get its knowledge and to be a well aware citizen.

Saudamini arrives at Chaudhary mansion and gives an envelope to Binoy. He gets surprised at finding the marriage invitation for Anirudh and Saudamini’s wedding.

Saudamini tells Binoy that she is going to show a different naughty face of Bondita to Anirudh so that he starts getting away from Bondita. She asks Binoy to start the preparations of Anirudh’s marriage with her in the coming ten days.

The written update of 19 August 2020 Barrister Babu episode full story ends.

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