Barrister Babu Written Update 2nd September 2020: Anirudh's emotional decision

Barrister Babu Written Update 2nd September 2020: Anirudh's emotional decision

Barrister Babu 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Barrister Babu 2 Sep episode starts with Bondita asking questions to Anirudh about the injustice done to her. Anirudh recalls Shivraj’s words that he is the reason for Saudamini’s depression.

Anirudh finds himself in a dilemma when he was asked to choose between his love and his responsibility. He gets emotional and decides to not spoil Saudamini’s life anymore.

Later, Anirudh makes a call to Saudamini and starts crying while talking to her. He apologizes to Saudamini for not taking care of her and for not supporting her when she needed him the most.

Saudamini pretends that she cares for Bondita and asks Anirudh to spend his time with Bondita. Anirudh tells Saudamini that he doesn’t want to do injustice with her, so he decides to divide his time equally among Saudamini and Bondita.

Saudamini gets happy and informs Shivraj that Anirudh apologized to her. The next morning, Bondita prays to God to help her choose between education and household chores.

Bihari informs Bondita that she has to make breakfast for everyone according to their choice. Bondita gets confused in remembering everyone's choices and questions Bihari about the different tastes of everyone.

Trilochan arrives there and tells Bondita that rich men have different tastes and interests. Bondita tells Trilochan that ladies should also have the right to have different interests. Trilochan scolds her for arguing with him and orders her to prepare breakfast for everyone.

Elsewhere, Saurav’s mother informs Sampoorna’s parents that their daughter is pregnant. Saurav’s father tells Sampoorna’s father that they don’t want any dowry from them as Sampoorna has given such great news to the family.

The written update of 2 September 2020 Barrister Babu episode full story ends.

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