Barsatein 12th February 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 12th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 12th February 2024 episode starts with Neeta finding out about Aradhna's murder which makes her tense as she did not anticipate this.

The boss calls Neeta which makes Varun and Akash ask her to put it on the speaker.
Neeta says that they could have discussed Aradhna's murder however the boss replies that she is not accountable to her.
The boss asks her to open the news which they do and find out that the police are looking for Neeta.
Neeta says that they are in this together which makes Akash say that this is all Neeta's mess.
Meanwhile, the police go to Vikram and say that the drug lord is Reyansh and they have found all the evidence against him.
Kadambari and Vikram vouch for Reyansh which makes Vikran ask for some evidence however the police say that he does not need to give him any proof after which the police knock on Reyansh's cabin door which he opens and says that he has done everything and the police can arrest him.
Meanwhile, Neeta finds out that Reyansh took the blame onto himself which makes her celebrate.
She also celebrates Aradhna's death but Akash asks her not to celebrate a dead person's fate.
He says that they are still living in her house which makes Neeta say that they are just here to keep an eye on Bhakti.
Elsewhere, Jagruti talks to Bhakti casually.

Jagruti says that Beeta must be getting a panic attack which makes her give her the injection.

Meanwhile, Neeta says that she should give the news of Aradhna's death to Bhakti which will kill her as well.

Bani comes in and records Neeta's conversation with Akash after which she says that she should post this along with all the other videos and audios she has of Neeta.

She then says that she will expose Neeta.

Back in the room, Jagruti finds out that Bhakti read the news of Aradhna's death which caused the panic attack.

Pooja says that the real person is someone who played a very exaggerated game by instilling trust issues between Aradhna, Reyansh, and Jay.

Meanwhile, Bani says that all this time she was just putting on an act which makes Neeta say while laughing that Bani is not smart enough as before that she has already made Aradhna's return ticket.

Elsewhere, Vikram calls Pooja and informs her that the real culprit is Mr and Mrs Khurana which shocks Jagruti and Pooja.

Meanwhile, Bani accuses Neeta of Aradhna's death which makes Neeta say angrily that she did not kill lAradhna however if Bani does not stop with her nonsense then she will kill her.

Bani sees Neeta getting a call from boss which makes her snatch Neeta's phone and ask who is it.

Akash asks Bani to return Neeta's phone however Bani denies and in the chaos, the phone falls down while Neeti strangles Bani.

Pooja and Jagruti come to save Bani and then yell at Neeta.

Jagruti says that she will call the police as she knows who is the real culprit.

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