Barsatein 10th January 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 10th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 10th January 2024 episode starts with Jay seeing Aradhana and Reyansh close to each other and looks shocked while Neeta looks happily at it.

Aradhana tries to explain about Pooja and Vikram but Jay tells her that he never thought that the woman whom he considered family would join hands with Reyansh to destroy her home. 

He turns to Neeta asking her if that is the reason why she planned to create problems between him and Aradhana. 

Neeta gets puzzled and tries to explain herself but Jay tells her that she has hurt him a lot.

Meanwhile, Aradhana taunts Reyansh for trying to break them up but Jay tells her that Reyansh was honest with him and told him about his mother and saved their marriage. 

Neeta tells Reyansh that she thought Aradhana was responsible for everything and that is why they are in this position. 

However, Jay tells her that it was his wrong decision and has nothing to do with Aradhana. 

She once again tries to win Jay’s sympathy saying she did everything for him but Jay walks away from there telling her that she never thinks for him. 

Afterward, Reyansh asks Aradhana if she thinks that he will make a deal with her mother-in-law to get her back while Aradhana tells him that she does not know why he does things and when he does things. 

Reyansh tells her that he knows that she does not trust him and he does not want to break her marriage but he wants her to break her marriage after realizing that she has no interest in Jay and one day soon she will come back to him of her own will.

Later Jay and Aradhana are in the room when Jay tells her that she is doing too much for this family and he is thankful to Reyansh for saving their relationship. 

Neeta comes inside and apologises to Aradhana for being mean to her while Aradhana tells her that it is fine. 

As soon as Jay leaves, Neeta changes her tone and tells her that she has won again when Reyansh turns on him. 

She tells her about Jay’s past when his alcohol addiction has put him out of the rails and he lost everything.

She tells Aradhna that she cannot see Jay going back there because of what is happening to him. 

However, Aradhana tells her that she will not let anything happen to Jay nor will he touch alcohol. 

Later, Aradhana meets with Jay with a glass of milk and tells him that he should never touch alcohol ever again. 

Seeing Jay's consciousness, Aradhana tells him that it's not important where she found out from but what is important is that is for him to stay strong and focus on his work and she will always be by his side. 

The next day, Aradhana is at her parent's house to prepare for the Lohri festival while her mother talks to Neeta about celebrating Aradhana’s first Lohri at their society and asks her to come and give blessings to her. 

Jay also comes there and requests her to do it for her while Bani comes there and tells Jay that their plan will work and they will soon get the channel back. 

Everyone becomes happy and Jay gives the credit to Bani for getting all this done while Bhakti does not like it. 

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