Barsatein 10th November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 10th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 10th November 2023 episode starts with Aradhana looking at Kriti and then back at Jai who signals her with his head nodding towards Kriti.

Aradhana looks back at Kriti who is crying and pulls her into her arms, saying that their Kimaya has left them.

Just then, Reyansh comes there wearing a black suit when Aradhana walks in front of him, angrily stopping him from walking further.

She asks him why he's there leading him to tell her to be careful of accusing him wrongly.

Aradhana tells him to shut up while he tells her that the police have announced him as innocent as flashback shows telling Reyansh that he is not the killer of Kimaya since the ambulance was there before she died.

Back in the present, Aradhana tells Reyansh that the police don't know that Reyansh had intentionally made a place for himself in her heart only to break her and the Khanna family.

Reyansh replies that he is there to reveal the truth and informs her that she does not know everything as she thinks.

He walks towards Kriti, stating that there was someone else who had made Kimaya die and announces that it is Jai, relieving Kriti.

Reyansh latches onto Jai's collar and punches him, accusing him of Kimaya's murder, stating that Kimaya would not have taken the pills if Jai had not told her the truth.

Others stop the fight as Aradhana stops Reyansh, telling him to let Kimaya at least die peacefully.

Reyansh turns to Jai asking him if what he is saying is true or not and starts hitting him again.

Meanwhile, a flashback shows Jai entering Kimaya's room after convincing her to open the door on the day of her wedding.

He tells her that he understands whatever she is going through but the only one who is at fault is Kriti.

He reveals to her how Kriti created misunderstandings for him and Reyansh, making them think that they are getting married to Aradhana.

However, Kriti comes there just then and tries to turn the tables, telling Kimaya that it is Aradhana who is at fault as she wants both Jai and Reyansh.

Jai tells her to shut up and informs Kimaya that Reyansh does not love her while Kriti tries to explain to her that she needs marriage more than love.

He reveals to Kimaya that Reyansh and Aradhana are in love passionately but he is getting married to her for his revenge only.

Jai tells Kimaya to make the right decision and walks away as Kimaya starts scolding Kriti, telling her that she is disappointed in her for letting her marry a man who loves somebody else.

She tells her that she won't become a pawn for anyone's anger and revenge anymore as she takes pills and consumes them even though Kriti tries to take them from her.

Kriti cries as she rushes out to call the ambulance while Kimaya falls onto the chair, recalling her heartbreaks as she puts on her nose pin again.

Just then, Reyansh comes there opening her room's door.

Back in the present, Reyansh continues to blame Jai while Aradhana tells him that nobody wants to listen to him as they all know what his intentions are.

Reyansh again starts fighting with Jai while Aradhana slaps him and brings him back to his senses as she continues blaming him, saying that he continues to blame others for his flaws.

She tells him that he is responsible for everything and asks him to leave while Jai goes to Kriti and tells him that he knows she is the one who played with Reyansh's mind.

Kriti asks him if he has any proof while the flashback shows Kriti meeting Reyansh at the police station.

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