Barsatein 10th October 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 10th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 10th October 2023 episode starts with Aradhna coming to meet Jai in his hospital room and starting to scold him.

Jai says that he is not habituated to getting scolded like that to which Aradhna replies that she will scold him every time he decides to show his bravery in such a way.

Aradhna says that she is sorry for what happened to which Jai asks her if she was the one who was driving the truck as that person needs to apologize to him.

Jai and Aradhna talk about the fight with Reyansh and Jai asks Aradhna not to worry about the matter as much as everything is fine and Reyansh is not someone to hold grudges.

Aradhna says that there are many differences between Jai and Reyansh and hesitates to tell the whole matter regarding the blackmailer.

Jai understands that there is something bothering Aradhna about the whole situation and decides to leave it untouched while Aradhna thinks that it would have been nice if Reyansh also decided to choose love over duty.

Aradhna asks Jai to relax and feeds him soup by herself which Kiki and Akash watch from outside the room.

Kiki tells Akash that Aradhna has come to take care of everything and no one needs to worry about anything in a sarcastic manner.

Akash asks Kiki what she wants to convey through her tone to which Kiki replies that Aradhna is from that category of women who become cheap with their bosses to get favours in their career.

Kiki tells Akash about how Aradhna was very close to Reyansh when he was the owner of the office and now is getting intimate with Jai.

Akash says that Jai is a bit naive regarding these things and simply accepts everyone who wants to be his friend.

Kiki says that Jai is simply a gentleman when Reyansh comes from behind and asks Kiki to give the box of special cupcakes to Kimaya from his side.

As Kiki leaves, Reyansh talks to Akash about the accident and says that he suspects that the men behind the accident must be the ones who tried to blackmail them.

Akash says that there are possibilities of such a thing after which Reyansh comes into the hospital room and taunts Aradhna by saying that Jai is tolerating her for the sake of kindness.

Vivek calls Reyansh and he comes out of the room to continue talking after which Reyansh gets happy to hear that Aradhna has talked about him and might have forgiven him.

Jai asks Aradhna to forgive Reyansh as he did not do everything with full knowledge and is still doing everything to make up for the situation he created.

Meanwhile, Kiki brings the cupcakes to Kimaya and Malini and tells Malini that they should talk to Viren about Reyansh and Kimaya's wedding.

Kimaya texts Aradhna about Malini and Kiki's conversation while Aradhna collects the reports and Reyansh suspects that she is hiding something from him.

Reyansh asks Aradhna if she has decided to forgive him after which Aradhna tells him that she has forgiven him as she has promised Jai to do so.

The next day, Aradhna gets Bina aunty's text asking her to make a rainbow cake for an order after which Reyansh enters the cafe and tells her that he is there to help her in the work.

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