Barsatein 11th December 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 11th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 11th December 2023 episode starts with Reyansh telling everyone that Jay is with Kriti and must be coming soon.

Meanwhile, Kriti has abducted Jay and tells him that by now Reyansh and Aradhna must have gotten married.

Jay smirks and says that Reyansh would never marry Aradhna by deception as his love is genuine.

Kriti pours herself a drink and says that boys sometimes adopt a loser attitude but she is not a loser and would never let morality come in the way of her love.

She takes out a gun and points it at Jay who looks at her boldly.

Back at home, everyone stares at Reyansh, making him say that he has not handed Jay over to a criminal, and then calls Kriti.

Kriti says that Reyansh is a hopeless person but she will not rest as Jay belongs to him while Reyansh replies that she should bring Jay there so that everything can be decided once in for all.

Jay's family starts insulting Aradhna's family when Aradhna tells Reyansh that once again because of him, her family is insulted.

Neeta tells Akash that they have to save Jay from psycho Kriti and then calls Kriti, telling her that she will convince Jay.

Kriti says that now everything will happen according to her to which Reyansh says that he will not spare her if Jay gets even a little scratch.

Kriti asks Jay to tell her that he loves her but Jay refuses which makes her knock his head.

Back at home, Reyansh says that Aradhna means the world to her and without her, his life is a deadly storm and he knows it is the same for her.

He adds that their pretentious wedding for society's sake is nothing in front of their eternal love.

Elsewhere, Kriti says that she is beautiful, educated, and smart and is not like Aradhna who is just choosing him to make Reyansh jealous leading Jay to reply that he loves Aradhna's simplicity.

Kriti says that if he will not choose her then, she will not let him choose anyone and once again points the gun in his direction.

Meanwhile, Reyansh says that to save oneself from pain, one cannot lock oneself in a box, adding that he has seen his mother suffering for not choosing her love.

Bhakti asks Aradhna to kick Reyansh out of the house but Reyansh continues to say that now he understands his mother although, he spent his entire life hating her.

He asks why Aradhna is hurting Jay by marrying him and not giving him the love that he deserves.

Bhakti goes to Aradhna who is crying and says that Reyansh will hurt her again if she lets him in her life.

Neeta yells at Aradhna's family for endangering her son while Bhakti replies that Jai must be coming very soon after which Aradhna will marry him.

Reyansh says that no one understands why Aradhna is crying right now other than him as they are the same parents who kicked her out of the house.

He says that for her family, she is just a burden waiting to get unloaded and she knows that he is telling the truth.

Reyansh holds Aradhna's face in his hands which eventually makes her hold him as well, shocking everyone.

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