Barsatein 11th October 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 11th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 11th October 2023 episode starts with Aradhna and Reyansh taking a look at the recipe book so that they can make the cake together.

Reyansh says that he will pre-heat the oven but Aradhna tells him that she will manage things on her own in her own unique way which is why he does not need to worry about the matter.

Aradhna asks Reyansh when he entered the kitchen the last time and inquires whether he knows anything at all regarding baking to which Reyansh replies that he is a fast learner.

Meanwhile, Kiki waits impatiently for Jay to come to their home as she wants to marry him by replacing Aradhna in Jay's heart.

Viren complains to Malini about her giving him soup constantly but Malini threatens him to drink it silently which Viren obeys without further questions.

Koko and Kiki come to their parents and Koko tells them that Kiki is very excited for someone to come home and they already know whom they are talking about.

Kiki gets embarrassed about the matter while Koko taunts her by saying that Kiki has become a typical "Sati-Savitri" type of girl since the matter of her marriage was introduced.

The doorbell rings and Kiki's face lights up with joy thinking that Jay must have come after which she opens the door and spots only Akash standing outside.

Akash asks Kiki why she does not seem happy to see him there to which Kiki replies with a flustered face but lightens up as Jay comes to the door and enters the house with Akash.

Viren and Malini welcome Jay and Akash to their house and joke around about many things after which Akash addresses Malini and Viren as his in-laws.

Kiki gets anxious thinking that Jay must be thinking about Aradhna and asks him to come with her to some private place as the old people should be left alone.

Meanwhile, Reyansh burns his hand while pre-heating the oven which makes Aradhna both worried and angry as Reyansh has messed up everything.

Aradhna sits to treat the burn on Reyansh's hand and scolds him for not being careful while dealing with the oven.

Reyansh scoots closer to Aradhna and asks her if she will always treat his wounds like this and be the ray of hope in his life.

Aradhna replies that they have no relationship anymore but Reyansh comes even closer to Aradhna and breathes in her ear, making her nervous.

Elsewhere, Kiki gets angry as Jay says that he likes Aradhna and her simple nature to help others.

Jay says that he should be shy around her as she is the one with whom he is getting married after which Kiki tells herself that she will not let anyone take away what belongs to her.

Kimaya plans to go to the cafe to meet Aradhna but Kiki asks Malini to go with her and enjoy the trip knowing well that Vikram and Aradhna are present there together.

Kiki says that she will throw Aradhna away from the family, office, and even the city very soon.

At the same time, Reyansh and Aradhna complete the cake and Reyansh wipes away the flour from Aradhna's face with the napkin grabbed by his mouth.

Aradhna breathes hard as Reyansh's face touches her cheeks while he caresses the tissue to clean the flour.

However, Reyansh scoops out a bit of the cake to tease Aradhna and Aradhna stabs the whole cake in anger after which they start arguing.

Malini and Kimaya enter the cafe and are shocked to see Aradhna and Reyansh holding each other's hands with a destroyed cake lying in front of them.

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