Barsatein 11th September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 11th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 11th September 2023 episode starts with Aradhana finally opening the door to learn about the gift that Reyansh has for her related to Jindals while Reyansh looks at her excitedly.

Just then, Aradhana spots something that makes her believe that she is dreaming when she looks back at Reyansh with a huge smile on her face which gives Reyansh immense pleasure.

Further, Reyansh and Aradhana decide to inform everyone about the gift that she saw and they come into the living room while Reyansh signalled Vikram to stop the music.

Sunaina says a few rhyming lines expressing her joy towards Kimaya’s wedding, informing everyone about the pooja that Khannas has organised for the close family members.

Aradhana and Reyansh lead the way to the basement while everyone follows them curiously when just then, everyone notices the idol kept there.

Alka is taken aback when she spots the idol and recalls it to be the same idol that she and Naresh stole from the temple while Malini stares at the idol with hawk eyes.

Meanwhile, Aradhana questions Alka if she remembers the idol since she is connected to it, this triggers Alka’s anger who starts lashing out at Aradhana for asking her about the idol as it’s not hers.

Revealing the truth herself, Alka gets into trouble when Aradhana questions her about Khanna’s kuldevi idol’s presence in the store room that is given by Viren to Alka.

This leaves Alka in shock while Viren asks Reyansh if they have any proof regarding the same to which Naresh (Alka’s husband) raises his voice and creates a scene about Viren not trusting his daughter’s inlaws.

However, Malini asks Aradhana about the reason for creating trouble again at Kimaya’s wedding but Reyansh speaks up and takes the blame on himself.

He mentions that the Jindals have stolen the idol from the temple and have kept it safe in the Khanna mansion as they will export it at the right time in return for a handful amount.

Reyansh then reveals that the Jindals were the ones who sent the goons to shoot him and they were the ones who attempted to kill Aradhana in an accident.

He even asks Tripathi ji to send Mannu (Jindal’s security guard) into the store room, who reveals that Alka and Naresh asked him to hide the idol and that they also told him to take Viren’s name if they ever get caught.

Reyansh tries to instigate them in order to find the truth but Alka gets instigated and ends up revealing that this is the fake idol as the real one is with them.

Viren slowly claps his hand, showing disrespect towards the Jindals and yells at them for making them stupid for so long despite all the trust and respect that they got from the Khannas.

Just then, Viren asks Reyansh to call the police but Malini refuses as it would ruin their reputation too while Angad questions his parents about the scene going on as he really loves Kimaya.

That’s when Naresh calls Kimaya ugly which forces Aradhana to lose her temper and she yells at Naresh for talking rubbish and Viren cancels Kimaya’s wedding with Angad.

Naresh warns Aradhana about future mishappenings but is stopped by Viren, stating that no one can even touch Aradhana as her dad is standing right beside her.

Aradhana gets emotional herself after hearing Viren’s statement and consoles Malini while Viren, Kiki and Koko console Kimaya as he has had a major heartbreak.

Later, Aradhana sits alone when Reyansh questions about her being upset to which she replies that she’s concerned about Kimaya who is heartbroken.

She expresses about how it feels to be heartbroken, making Reyansh feel guilty about the same and Aradhana walks away, stating that she needs to check on Kimaya.

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