Barsatein 12th January 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 12th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 12th January 2024 episode starts with Aradhna seeing Jay and Bani way too close to each other almost appearing to be kissing one another.

She remembers how Neeta exaggeratedly described their friendship and how Bani told her that she was in love with her best friend.

Reyansh comes from behind and says that Jay is the alleged green flag but is finding the missing elements from Aradhna's and his wedding in Bani's arms.

Aradhna slaps Reyansh in disgust and then goes back home where her mind is occupied by the events of Lohri.

Jay goes to Aradhna and gives her a present and asks her if she is okay as she looks upset.

Aradhna says that Jay promised her never to drink again to which he says that he will improve from tomorrow as he is going to Manali along with his friends.

She thinks that Jay is lying to her again while Jay thinks that he is lying to Aradhna as he can't burden her with his problems.

A while later, Bhakti goes to Aradhna and tries to free her from her burden while Aradhna says that her marriage is not a normal one and also that Bani and Jay are going to Manali which shocks Bhakti.

The next day, Reyansh hugs his dad happily and tells him that Jay is going to Manali with someone else.

Reyansh then goes to Aradhna's house to pick her up as she is very ill but he runs into Jay and mocks him about going on a honeymoon with Bani instead of his wife.

Jay leaves while Reyansh tries to puncture Jay's car tire but Aradhna comes and mocks Reyansh for being so jobless and childlike.

Reyansh asks Aradhna to look into the matter of her husband cheating on her to which Aradhna says that she trusts Jay.

Jay enters and thanks Aradhna for her trust and then leaves.

Later, Neeta and Akash are having lunch when Aradhna answers a phone call coming on Neeta's phone making her angry.

Neeta snatches her from away which makes Aradhna leave and Akash tells Neeta that she should not be in touch with that guy.

Neeta says that guy will only lift them out of this trouble they are in right now.

Aradhna goes to Pooja and tells her that she talked to Jay who told her that he did lie to her about going with his friends when he is going with Bani however he is just giving a lift to Bani.

Aradhna continues to say that after Jay left she heard a voicemail on his phone telling Bani that he has once again lied to Aradhna and expects her to do the same.

Pooja tells Aradhna to talk to Jay once as guys tend to change in a heartbeat and that is why she has to watch Jay closely.

Back at home, Neeta gets an update from someone which makes her very happy.

The next day, Bhakti and Neeta break into a fight over the fact Jay going to Manali along with Bani.

Aradhna stops them and goes to the office to find out that she and the channel have won an award.

Reyansh enters and says that she will have to go out with him to celebrate but she declines.

He pulls her to him and says that she will have to go along with him no matter what.

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