Barsatein 12th September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 12th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 12th September 2023 episode starts with Aradhana hugging Kimaya and questioning her if she wants to talk to Angad.

Kimaya elopes with Angad 

Just then, Kimaya receives a video call from Angad and she answers it immediately when she learns about Angad being heartbroken just like her.

Seeing Angad's heart-warming love shocks Aradhana when she cross-questions him about leaving his house to which Angad shows her his luggage kept in his car and begs Aradhana to help them.

Meanwhile, Kimaya hangs up the call and requests Aradhana to help her as she really loves Angad and they cannot live without each other.

Afterward, Kimaya has packed her stuff when Aradhana asks her if she’s sure about it while Kimaya smiles brightly and assures her that she’s sure about Angas since she’s a nice guy.

Kimaya is about to escape from her window when Kriti knocks on her door, looking out for Kimaya which scares Aradhana and Kimaya.

Kriti opens the door when Aradhana looks at her surprisingly while Kimaya has already escaped successfully from the balcony.

She asks about Kimaya to which Aradhana replies that she wants to have some "me time".

Kriti shows her gratitude towards Aradhana and Reyansh for everything that they did for her family members and compliments Aradhana that she really makes a nice team with Reyansh.

Angad in his parent's team

Meanwhile, a flashback shows which reveals that Angad is also in Alka and Naresh’s team and is talking about a plan B which they have already planned while Alka wishes him luck in order to take revenge on Kimaya for Nagendra Nath (Alka’s brother).

The next morning, Reyansh informs everything about Alka being Nagendra Nath’s sister to Viren and Malini, making them clear about the reason why Alka was planning revenge on him.

Aradhana arrives there when Malini starts thanking her and Reyansh for whatever they did in order to save Kimaya while Aradhana stands numb.

Reyansh wonders what Aradhana has done now as something is wrong since it’s clearly visible on her face.

On the other hand, Aradhana wonders if she has committed the biggest mistake of her life since she doesn’t know about Nagendra Nath’s suicide.

At the same time, Kriti is making a chocolate shake for Kimaya as chocolate kills depression when Koko and Arnab also accompany her in going to Kimaya’s room.

Aradhana reveals everything to Reyansh

Elsewhere, Reyansh is staring at Aradhana while she’s roaming here and there, calling Kimaya and Angad but is unable to reach them to which Reyansh questions her about the matter.

Aradhana reveals everything that happened last night which makes Reyansh yell at her in anger to which Aradhana gets anxious, asking him to lower his voice and expressing how guilty she is feeling.

She mentions that Angad told her that he’s against his parents to which Reyansh interrupts her and lashes out at her for trusting him while Aradhana brings up her past and says that she should’ve realised that she can’t read a person.

On the flip side, Kriti, Koko, and Arnab are looking for Kimaya when Angad notices the window open in her room and questions if she has jumped.

Alka and Naresh mock about Kimaya eloping the house

Downstairs, Alka and Naresh enter the Khannas’s mansion and start bothering Viren and Malini when Viren is about to call the police but Naresh makes fun of them, saying that if they tell about Kimaya eloping from the house.

Viren smirks when Koko informs everyone about Kimaya not being in the house anywhere which shocks Malini but pleases Alka and Naresh.

Meanwhile, Naresh warns Viren to fulfill all their demands otherwise before the police, Kimaya’s dead body will arrive, making Malini feel dizzy after learning this.

Elsewhere, Angad tells Kimaya that they’ll get married as soon as possible as his task will be complete and later they’ll go to their parents who will eventually accept them.

Angad recalls Alka’s statement to take revenge on Viren Khanna as he killed her brother while Angad informs her that he has become friends with one of Viren’s daughters and will surely take the revenge.

He also recalls how he tricked Kimaya and proposed to her, making her feel special and loved.

Malini gets to know Aradhana's truth

Just then, Angad receives a call from Aradhana when she questions him if Kimaya is with him.

She tells him about his parents creating a scene at the Khanna mansion while Angad keeps smiling and calls her fool for trusting him blindly.

Aradhana cries and tells him not to do anything to Kimaya to which Angad blames her for troubling Kimaya by trusting him and sending her away with him.

However, Aradhana hears something about Highway 29 from behind and informs Reyansh about it while Reyansh tells Vikram to trace Angad’s number.

Malini overhears Aradhana freaking out and saying that they have to save Kimaya when she asks Aradhana if she knew about Kimaya's elopement to which Aradhana gets anxious.

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