Barsatein 13th December 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 13th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 13th December 2023 episode starts with Aradhna telling Jay that right now there are two people in front of her, one who gave her a choice while the other who took her choice away from her.

She then turns to Reyansh and says that there is no doubt that she loves him but she will never hurt her family ever again as they have always given their best to give her the best life ever.

She adds that Reyansh has hurt a lot of people to get her and he will continue to do this which is not fair.

Aradhna says that first Kimaya and then Jay and she wonders how many more people will have to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their love.

She mentions that she loves Reyansh but marriage is a completely different issue and she is jealous of those who get both in one person.

Aradhana expresses how tired she is of this storm and wants peace where she can feel safe and everyone can remain happy and that is why she is choosing Jay.

She asks Jay if he would marry her which makes Reyansh ask her why is she doing this.

Aradhna says that this is her final decision and if Reyansh can't accept this then that is his shortcoming.

Neeta angrily leaves after which Aradhna puts the garland on Jay while he puts it on Aradhna.

They then, start taking Pheras while Reyansh watches them with pain in his eyes remembering all his good moments with Aradhna.

Neeta comes back and whispers into her husband's ear that so much happened yet Aradhna is stuck with them.

After the pheras, Jay puts Mangalsutra on Aradhna and also fills vermillion on her forehead while Reyansh watches them with tears in his eyes.

Reyansh then walks out of the wedding after which Jay goes to Neeta and tells her that now Aradhna is his wife and he would like her to give them her blessings.

Neeta says that he gave her no choice but now she has no other option so she is fine.

Aradhna then completes the rest of the rituals while thinking about Reyansh as she cries her heart out holding on to Bhakti.

Jay recalls how he bribed the Pandit into doing something unconventional that is not yet revealed.

Later, Aradhna is sitting alone in her new bedroom when someone enters, Aradhna assumes it to be Jay and says that today was such an extraordinary day for them.

She says that this new wedding will raise a lot of questions for him because of her past.

She then apologizes to Jay for using his kindness and marrying him, knowing that she will never love him and will not carry out her responsibilities as a wife within this room but will surely do so outside of it.

Aradhana picks up the glass of milk and hands it over to the person standing in front of her.

She is shocked to see Reyansh standing there in place of Jay.

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