Barsatein 13th February 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 13th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 13th February 2024 episode starts with Neeta saying to Jagruti that they will have to suffer a lot if she tries to come her way.

Pooja and Bani comfort Jagruti, after which Bani says they will bring Aradhna to justice and fight Neeta.

Meanwhile, Vikram and Kadambari are trying to convince the police that Reyansh is innocent however the police make fun of their entangled lives.

The police ask where is Aradhna's fake husband Jay which makes Vikram say that Jay is in shock and the inspector needs to quicken up.

Kadambari gets a call from Viren however she does not pick it up after which Vikram says that Jay's parents are involved in this mess.

The police say that tacky writers tell better stories than Vikram.

Viren calls again which makes the police say mockingly that Kadambari has a lot of fans.

The inspector then says that his best guess at who the killer is Kadambari.

This makes Vikram angry and he leaves with Kadambari.

Elsewhere, Neeta goes to meet the boss but is surprised to see Viren there.

Viren says that he is from the media and that is why he is here after which he says that the kidnappers called from here and he knows that the kidnapper has a helper.

Neeta says that Viren is just guessing things which makes Viren ask if Neeta is involved in this as he still does not know why is she here.

Kadambari starts calling Viren which makes Neeta nervous as he might blow her cover so she takes out a knife.

Viren acts as if he is scared however after a minute he throws away the knife and says how dare she put a knife on his boss.

Neeta is relieved while Viren reveals that he has been behind all of this.

Viren says that no matter what but Reyansh is a damn good journalist as he was closing in on him.

Neeta says that Jay and Reyansh wasted their whole lives because of Aradhna however Viren says that love brings out that side of people.

He then shares his experience of when Malini revealed that Aradhna is her daughter.

He says that he wanted to manipulate Kadambari however she became loyal to her husband.

Viren says that he did all of this because Reyansh's stupidity killed his daughter.

Neeta says that since her boss came into her life, she has started feeling better as Reyansh is suffering.

Viren says that Reyansh will suffer more after which he says that he loves money as money never leaves one's life, unlike people.

He says that while he was a good person, no one respected or loved him which is why he chose to follow this road of drug dealing.

He says that it was then he found out that Neeta was desperate for help and that is why he contacted her as she is the perfect thread between Aradhna and Reyansh.

Neeta says that she is very happy that the boss killed Aradhna to which the boss replies that Aradhna is not dead.

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