Barsatein 13th November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 13th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 13th November 2023 episode starts with a month passing by since Kimaya’s demise.

The whole Khanna family is still suffering and is badly wounded from inside and they spend most of their time at the hospital taking care of Viren.

Malini hallucinated Kimaya hugging her and asking her not to cry. 

Bhakti asks Aradhna if it has been a month since anyone saw Reyansh which makes Aradhna say that it is for the best.

Bhakti asks Radhi to go back home with her because she is investing a lot in this family and she feels that she might lose herself.

Aradhana says that her problems are very small compared to theirs and that is why she cannot abandon them.

Kiki looks at them with hatred and thinks to herself that both mom and daughter have 0 self-respect and are not leaving the house. 

She then blames Aradhna for Kimaya’s death and says that she has to do something or else Radhi will become part of the house.

Kiki moves out of the house and starts driving her car manically at full speed thinking about the time Jay said that he loves Aradhna.

She yells to herself that she hates her and will finish her.

Meanwhile, Reyansh is in a boxing ring channeling his anger into the fight. 

In a flashback, it is seen that Kriti tells Reyansh about Jay’s love for Aradhana and how he tried to sabotage her and Reyansh’s relationship.

Reyansh does not believe Aradhana’s involvement as he has already doubted her in the past and regretted it.

Kriti shows the pictures of the house papers that Aradhna and Jay intended to buy together. 

Reyansh is not manipulated and says that he can never distrust Aradhana because it will mean doubting God itself. 

Reyansh then comes back to reality and continues with his fight.

He gets beaten up really badly and falls down with a broken rib but still manages to get up as his coach pours down water over him.

Kriti comes to see his fight while elsewhere, Jay goes to Viren regarding some business matter.

Viren makes it pretty clear that now Jay will have to look after the office because he feels hollow in his heart

Jay goes to Aradhna and tells her that they both are the ones who have to save the business.

Back at the ring, Kriti is again manipulating Reyansh that Jay and Aradhna have been playing him but Reyansh corrects her and says that it was only Jay.

Kriti is annoyed but she keeps going on and shows her a video in which Jay proposes to Aradhna to which Reyansh says that he does not care about that.

He only cares that Aradhna loves him and that is never going to her.

Kriti says that it is high time that they take action by making Reyansh join the office so that he can fight for his love.

Reyansh gets up, saying that he will not be defeated so quickly, and then punches his opponent in the face making him fall.

Meanwhile, Aradhna tells Bina that she is very lucky to be loved by three mothers but right now, Malini needs her the most.

After Bina leaves the room, Reyansh comes into Aradhna’s room and tells her that it is all Jay’s fault.

He asks her to go back to Delhi with him and get back to their house to which she replies that it is no longer her house and he should leave.

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