Barsatein 13th September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 13th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 13th September 2023 episode starts with Aaradhana taking the car while Ray also sits beside her. 

Aradhana tells him to leave as she does not want any trouble while saving Kimaya. 

Ray and Aradhana get into an argument until Ray convinces her to drive with him. 

Kimaya In Danger

On the other hand, Kimaya asks Angad where they are going and that Malini will be worrying about her.

Angad captures Kimaya’s throat asking her why has she come with her if she is so worried about her Malini. 

Meanwhile, Ray gets a call from Vikram who tells him that Angad probably has thrown the phone because their last location is constant. 

On the other hand, Angad, like a sadist, apologises to Kimaya telling her that he loves her so much and does not want her to go away from him. 

Kimaya feels scared and tells him that she has never done anything without talking to her parents while Angad assures her that she will never have to do it again. 

Angad thinks to himself that very soon Kimaya will be dead and he will take his parent's revenge. 

Meanwhile, Aradhana and Ray arrive at the convenience store from where Angad bought supplies and the owner tells them the direction the couple is headed to. 

Aradhana finds their phone in the dustbin and wonders where they could have gone. 

However, Ray calls some acquaintances to ask for a secluded hotel where one pays by the hour. 

Aradhana shames Ray for treating women so poorly while Ray tells her that it was all before her when he treated girls disrespectfully but then he met her and the rest is history. 

On the other hand, Angad’s father laughs mockingly telling them, that Angad will have his revenge while Koko punches him in the face. 

Meanwhile, Aradhana and Ray arrive at the hotel and Ray tells Aradhana to apply red lipstick and open her hair to look at the part which angers Aradhana. 

At the same time, Kimaya looks around the room with worried eyes while Angad comes close to her saying they have finally arrived and after some time they will be together forever. 

He tells her to get ready and that he has got a gift for her. 

Ray And Aradhana Takes A Room

Meanwhile, Aradhana and Ray act all lovey-dovey in front of the receptionist to get a room closer to Kimaya and Angad. 

Later, in the lift, Ray takes Aradhana’s picture which makes her irritated and she taunts him for his habit of capturing her without her permission. 

In the meantime, Angad gives Kimaya the wedding dress and insists that she get dressed while Kimaya tells him to let her talk to her mother. 

However, Angad tells her to get married first and then she can talk to her mother as she wants. 

In the meantime, Ray and Aradhana come to their room to call reception when they cannot trace Angad and Kimaya’s room. 

When the receptionist does not answer, Aradhana accuses Ray of taking advantage of the situation and trying to get cosy with her.

Meanwhile, Angad brings Kimaya to the terrace telling her that they will have a different kind of wedding under the stars. 

However, Kimaya feels scared and tells him to get back but Angad laughs wickedly telling her that he cannot let her go as he wants to take revenge on her father. 

He tells her that it was because of her father that his uncle took his life and today when she dies her mother will feel at peace. 

Aradhana Finds Kimaya

Meanwhile, Aradhana once again knocks at the door in worry while Ray tells her to stop it or she will alert Angad. 

As Aaradhana worriedly tells him that Kimaya might be in danger while Ray tells her that he will not let anything happen to her because Kimaya is important to her and she is important to him.

Just then, they hear Kimaya’s call for help and rush to the terrace where Angad has settled Kimaya on the ledge to force her into jumping. 

Aaradhana tells Angad to stop and tries to make him talk. 

Angad gets nervous to see them and warns them to stay away from them. 

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