Barsatein 14th December 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 14th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 14th December 2023 episode starts with Aradhna hearing someone enter the room and thinking it as Jai.

Aradhna picks up the glass of milk and hands it over to the other person which turns out to be Reyansh, instead of Jai.

Reyansh tries to take the glass but Aradhna holds it back and asks him what he is doing in her house on the first night of her marriage with Jai.

Reyansh says that he has already found out the truth about her and Jai's marriage as she said that she is not ready to allow Jai in her room.

Aradhna tells Reyansh that he has no right to hold a monopoly on her decisions as she is married now to another person who is not him in any way.

Reyansh says that he will not leave Aradhna so easily and will continue to make her realize that her decision to marry Jai is a wrong one as she has always belonged to him.

Aradhna stands shocked as Reyansh says that he will chase Aradhna to the end of the world until she decides to come back to him by herself.

As the glass of milk slips from Aradhna's hands to the floor, she says that she does not wish to see Reyansh's face even when he is dead.

Reyansh puts his shoes on the spilt milk after which he proceeds to walk out of the room and Aradhna says that Reyansh cannot just decide to stamp over her own decision to lead her life in her own way.

After Reyansh leaves, Jai comes into the room and understands that Reyansh came there and Aradhna also tells him that she said many things to Reyansh thinking of him as Jai.

Jai says that he is aware that Aradhna is not ready for this new relationship after which both of them start cleaning up the glass pieces.

Aradhna says that Reyansh will continue to cause havoc in their lives to which Jai replies that they should always clean up the mess together as they are doing.

Jai's words make Aradhna comfortable and Jai decides to tell Aradhna that he made the priest keep the marriage incomplete as he wants her to marry him fully once she is over Reyansh but Aradhna already falls asleep.

The next day, Aradhna sees numerous messages from Reyansh asking her to come back to him after which she finds a note by Reyansh on her breakfast food.

Aradhna throws away the food when Neeta comes and says that Jai is the person who made the breakfast for her, asking Aradhna to get over her past affairs.

Jai comes and handles the situation after which they sit for breakfast together and Neeta decides to arrange the ritual of "Mooh Dikhai" after Aradhna comes back from her parents' house.

Aradhna meets Malini and Bhakti who ask her to initiate her marriage with Jai as he is a nice man which will help her to forget Reyansh.

Reyansh comes to meet Aradhna but Vikram and Pooja stop him and tell him that Aradhna is married now which does not have any effect on him.

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