Barsatein 14th February 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 14th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 14th February 2024 episode starts with Viren taking Neeta to Aradhna whose face is covered in a black mask.

Viren says that he cannot let Aradhna die as he is using her to torture Reyansh.

Neeta says that she has been celebrating Aradhna's death for so many days to which Viren says that Reyansh is in jail because Aradhna is alive.

He continues to say that he called Reyansh and told him that Aradhna is alive however if he wants her safe then he needs to tell the police that he is the one after the drug case.

Viren then tells Neeta that Vikram knows that Neeta is involved in the case which makes Neeta nervous.

He says that now Neeta will suffer in jail to which she says that she will expose him.

Viren says that he will kill her in a heartbeat after which he says that Varun has to do one last favor which he will do later after which he leaves.

Neeta bends down to Aradhna and says that she does not like Viren at all however she loves seeing Aradhna like this.

After Neeta leaves, Aradhna frees herself.

Meanwhile, Vikram, Pooja, and Kadambari are discussing why Reyansh took the blame onto himself.

Pooja says that they are missing a detail that is right in front of their eyes.

Kadambari gets a text from Viren to meet him which makes her excuse herself.

She goes to Viren who tells her that Neeta is the mastermind behind the drug case which makes Kadambari say that she wants to save Reyansh at all cost.

Viren says that he wants her companionship which makes Kadambari say that it is wrong.

He says that he will talk to her husband only if Kadambari says yes to which she says that she will agree to the arrangement if he will help her save Reyansh from jail.

He promises to help her and then gives her a letter.

Meanwhile, Neeta tells Akash and Varun that the boss has asked her to cause one more accident.

Elsewhere, Bani promises Jagruti that she will bring Aradhna to justice as Jagruti cries.

Bani tells Jagruti that she never had an affair with Jay but lied because Jay asked her to.

Meanwhile, Neeta tells Akash and Varun that the boss wants to kill Reyansh's parents as Reyansh is his biggest enemy.

Neeta says that Varun has been chosen for this last job and will be given 90 lakhs.

Later, Neeta sarcastically tells Jagruti that she prayed a lot for Aradhna.

Jagruti is texting someone which makes Varun stand behind her and ready her messages which makes her say that he does not have any manners.

Varun says that Jagruti should not talk about manners as her sister died her mother is on death bed and she is texting.

Jagruti says that Neeta will suffer for the things she did as Karms is very real and asks them to get out of the house after which she leaves.

The boss calls Neeta and yells at her as Aradhna has run away from the place because Neeta did not close the door.

Viren says that he will be able to save himself but Neeta and Akash won't be able to save themselves.

Neeta says that she ruined everything, and right then the bell rings.

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