Barsatein 14th November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 14th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 14th November 2023 episode starts with Reyansh hovering over Aradhna and asking her to accept him as they can be together now.

Aradhna stares at Reyansh with eyes full of disgust and tells him that Kimaya has died because of him and he is still only bothered with his own happiness.

Reyansh says that he cannot change what has already happened but he can make sure that he does not lose what he has with Aradhna which makes Aradhna angrier.

Aradhna says that Reyansh is the most toxic person she has seen ever and does not want him around her or her family.

Reyansh tells Aradhna that she cannot deny that what they have is special while Aradhna says that they have nothing as “we” between them anymore.

Reyansh feels bothered by Aradhna’s response and directs his anger at Jay who seems to be the mastermind in his point of view.

The next day, Reyansh comes to the office and leaves everyone shocked including Jay after which he asks the employees to grab free snacks from the cafeteria.

Jay asks Reyansh what he is doing there in an unpleasant tone while Reyansh says that he has been backstabbed by Jay mercilessly this time.

Reyansh asks Jay to reveal his true feelings to him as he is aware of how Jay backstabbed him to get Aradhna and pose him as the villain.

Jay says that Reyansh has lost her mind which is why he is blabbering nonsense after which he admits that he is in love with Aradhna.

Reyansh gets agitated and asks Jay to stop speaking further as no one but he has the right over Aradhna as her lover.

Jay asks Reyansh to get out of the office as he will buy his shares of the company after which Reyansh comes to the cafeteria and spots Aradhna.

Reyansh comes to Aradhna and asks her why she is eating a healthy sandwich while Aradhna says that she has left every unhealthy habit behind.

Aradhna says that Reyansh has not been affected in any way even after so much has happened which shows his nature.

Reyansh tells Aradhna that he does not show emotions which makes Aradhna tell him a story of a prince who hid his heart due to the fear of heartbreak.

However, the prince turned into a monster due to his hollow heart which makes Reyansh ask if she is referring to him as the monster.

Reyansh comes after Aradhna while she eats with Jay in Viren’s office and mocks them for not doing any work and wasting time.

Aradhna warns Reyansh that he cannot become anyone close to her ever as he has broken her trust which cannot rebuild.

Later, Aradhna comes to meet Malini while she grieves for Kimaya and tells her that they all are broken after Kimaya’s death.

Reyansh does boxing when Vivek comes and takes him out of there after which they sit down to have drinks together.

Vivek tells Reyansh that Aradhna will not accept him while Reyansh says that everything happened because of Jay.

Elsewhere, Malini asks Aradhna to marry but Aradhna refuses saying that she cannot accept another man in her life with her complex feelings regarding Reyansh.

Aradhna tells Malini that she has decided to leave the town and go somewhere else.

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