Barsatein 14th September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 14th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 14th September 2023 episode starts with Reyansh and Angad provoking Kimaya to jump off the terrace in order to save one life.

Reyansh throws Kimaya to save Aradhana

Meanwhile, Reyansh with his racing heart, gradually takes a step towards Kimaya looking into her eyes revengefully since Aradhana is in Angad's hold.

However, Aradhana keeps telling Kimaya not to listen to both of them and not to give up her life but Kimaya hangs in the middle, confused between being useful to someone else or holding onto her life.

Reyansh reaches Kimaya, telling her that she has to go as he can’t risk Aradhana’s life for her and holds Kimaya’s leg, and pushes her backwards, making Aradhana scream in fear.

Angad smiles after hearing the thud sound of Kimaya falling from the terrace.

Feeling proud, Reyansh tells Angad to leave Aradhana as his task is completed by him and snatches the gun from him, making him fall on the ground by striking him on his forehead with the gun.

Reyansh reveals his plan

Just then, the police arrive and catch Angad for his deeds while Aradhana lashes out at Reyansh for ending Kimaya’s life.

However, Reyansh reveals his plan that he already arranged the net attached to the terrace to take care of Kimaya when she falls.

Further, Aradhana hugs Kimaya tightly and takes her in the car in order to return to the Khanna mansion while the police catch the Jindals at the Khanna's place.

At home, everyone looks out for Kimaya when Malini apologises to Kimaya for trusting the Jindals.

Aradhana faces the reality

Aradhana is crying outside when Reyansh joins her leading Aradhana to express how guilty she is feeling for trusting Angad while Reyansh comforts her by saying that no one is perfect.

Reyansh tells Aradhana that the Khannas should be thankful to her since she saved their daughter's life and advises her not to be so involved in their family as they’re no one to her.

Aradhana gets taken aback and looks at Reyansh with her talkative eyes but prefers to be silent and changes the topic.

Elsewhere, the Khanna family is sitting together with Kimaya when Kimaya cryingly defends Aradhana’s actions since she did everything for her love while Viren is calling the doctor.

Downstairs, Reyansh and Aradhana sit at a one-hand distance on the bench, looking at the sky with complete awkward silence when Reyansh tries to annoy Aradhana to lighten up her mood.

Reyansh confesses his love for Aradhana

He takes her lipstick and pretends as if he’s applying that, making Aradhana softly smile at him, giving satisfaction to Reyansh’s heart.

Reyansh keeps annoying Aradhana when she gathers all her guts to thank him.

However, Reyansh gets excited to hear Aradhana’s gratitude when he asks her to say it so loudly that the whole city can hear it.

Reyansh is about to yell that he loves Aradhana but due to Aradhana’s presence there, he changes that he loves mountains when they hear an echo produced by the mountains.

Aradhana leaves there when Reyansh finds an opportunity and shouts that he loves Aradhana while Aradhana smiles, hearing an echo of his voice but immediately questions herself for smiling.

Malini consoles Aradhana like a mother

At home, Kimaya apologises to Malini for not being smart enough to identify his true colours while Malini tells her to be strong as she is Malini Khanna's daughter.

Aradhana observes the motherly love secretly but gets spotted by Malini and she stops her from leaving while Aradhana hugs her tightly, breaking down into tears and apologising to her for letting Kimaya escape with Angad.

Malini handles Aradhana with so much love and explains to her the difference between fake love and real love.

On the other hand, Bhakti gets emotional while looking at the photo album when Jagruti spots her leading Bhakti to express her nostalgic feelings about Aradhana’s birthday month.

Jagruti asks Bhakti to forgive Aradhana but Bhakti tells her that they are guilty and Aradhana needs to forgive them instead of her and Harsh.

Back in the Khanna mansion, everyone is sitting at the dining table, trying to cheer up Kimaya's mood but Kimaya stays in trauma and runs away from there.

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