Barsatein 15th December 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 15th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 15th December 2023 episode starts with Jay and Aradhna leaving Bhakti’s house as they have to go back home for Aradhna’s Muh Dikhai.

Reynash calls Aradhna which makes Jay tell her to receive it but Aradhna declines.

Aradhna is about to sit in the car when she sees Reynash holding a glass which he breaks with his own hands.

Aradhna gets scared seeing that as she cannot bear to see him in pain.

However, Aradhna sits in the car and tells Jay to drive away as people are waiting for them back at home.

Reynash thinks that no matter what he will get Aradhna to talk to him and then spends the rest of the day calling her.

Later, Reynash texts Aradhna and tells her that he wants to meet her but she refuses.

Reynash calls Aradhna again and again but she rejects.

Varun comes and tells her that Reyansh is calling her through his phone.

Aradhna receives the call and says that she will not meet him and tells Varun not to pick the phone up.

Reyansh keeps calling Varun’s phone which makes Aradhna break his phone into pieces after which she tells Varun not to worry as she will buy him a new phone.

Soon, a lot of staff members come to Aradhna telling Reynash is calling.

Aradhna gets frustrated and facetimes Reynash telling him that now he will have to witness her Muh Dikhai ritual.

A while later, the Rasm begins when the people around tell Neeta that they have heard how scandalous Aradhna’s wedding was and they expect the same from today.

Reynash watches Aradhna from his phone with a smile on his face as she looks very beautiful.

Jay and Aradhna are about to exchange rings when Reynash purposely drives into a bus causing a big accident.

Aradhna picks up her phone hearing the bang and sees Reynash covered in blood.

Aradhna faints but Jay holds her while Reynash is taken to the hospital.

The moment Aradhna gains consciousness, she rushes to the hospital barefoot while the doctors who are treating Reynash say that there is no point as Reynash is dead and they can’t find his pulse.

Meanwhile, Jay covers for Aradhna saying that he will have to take Aradhna to the hospital as she is a little sick after which he takes Aradhna to the hospital.

On their way, they find out from a passerby that Reynash got into a very serious accident and is probably dead which makes Aradhna wail.

Elsewhere, Neeta calls Bhakti and asks her if Aradhna has taken an oath to insult them as she leaves the house in the middle of the ceremony.

Back on the road, Aradhna yells at the man telling him that Reynash is not dead.

They reach the hospital and find out that Reyansh has been taken to the morgue as he was dead on arrival.

Aradhna and Jay are taken to the body covered with a white sheet.

She goes crazy and yells at the inspector telling him that she will not identify the body as she knows it is not Reyansh.

The inspector forces her which makes her remove the sheet eventually, she looks at Reynash in disbelief.

She starts screaming and shakes Reynash trying to wake him up. 

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