Barsatein 15th November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 15th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 15th November 2023 episode starts with Bina asking Aradhna if she is sure that she wants to leave as it is breaking her heart because she considers her daughter.

Aradhna replies that she is very lucky to have the love of 3 mothers in her life and then she hugs Bina.

Jay says that he will go to Delhi along with her and there they both can work together to which she refuses but Jay remains persistent and says that he will drop her there.

On reaching the bus stop, Aradhna says that after meeting him, she realized that not all men are toxic.

Jay asks her to forgive Reyansh as he is a little crazy to which she asks how can he still advocate for Reyansh after all this.

Meanwhile, Reyansh goes to Bina, asking where Aradhna is and she eventually tells him, fearing that he might do something stupid.

Reyansh goes to the bus stop when he spots Aradhna hugging Jay and picks up an iron rod while walking towards the two of them.

He starts hitting that rod on Jay’s car, breaking it badly and then gets on top of it, giving it one final shot and destroying it completely.

A man goes to Jay and tells him that someone is breaking into his car leading Aradhna to get worried but Jay asks her to board the bus as he will take care of it.

Jay goes to Reyansh and asks him to stop which infuriates him even more.

Reyansh raises his fist in the air but stops while saying that it is Jay’s master plan to instigate him so that he does something stupid and Jay comes out looking good.

Aradhna comes and asks them both to stop as she is informed by Bina that Reyansh has gone to the bus stand looking for her.

She pushes Reyansh behind and says that yesterday she felt that maybe Reyansh has a chance to redeem himself but he proved her wrong yet again and it has become his habit to blame others for his shortcomings.

Reyansh says that it is because of Jay that there is a distance between the two of them.

He tells her that Jay is in love with her which shocks her core.

Reyansh keeps on defaming Jay but Aradhna stops him and says that both of them are just friends.

He starts clapping and says that Jay has been lying to her about his feelings for her and also Jay knew everything about Reyansh and Aradhna but still he chose to love her.

Reyansh tells Aradhna that Jay knew every misunderstanding that was spewing among them all to which Jay says that his intentions were never wrong.

Aradhna angrily asks Jay to stop and not say a word and after that, she turns to Reyansh and congratulates him for taking away her friend.

Jay tells Aradhna everything including Kriti's messed up plan.

He says that Reyansh is not a bad guy but is just broken to which she replies that Reyansh used Kimaya for his revenge and the rest does not matter now.

Jay adds that Aradhna cannot love anyone other than Reyansh to which she agrees and says that she would have forgiven everything but not Kimaya’s death.

She mentions that from this day forward, they will not be friends as she can never fall in love with anyone but Reyansh and she does not want to hurt him.

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